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about walking factory

When I was searching for reviews regarding shoe products, I found that many websites weren’t giving useful information, that’s the way I got the idea of Walking Factory. I could proficiently write better reviews about shoes.

WalkingFactory home to presumably the most comprehensively shoe reviews and guides you will read ever. Every month, we review numerous shoe pairs based on special wear-testing and/or crowd-based reader feedback.

The reviews are combined with Product personal pictures, and customer feedback, which does each review is a unique one after so many product testing.

About Charles M. Bozeman!

Charles is a Projector Manager, writer, and a small business owner living in Missouri, USA. He is a fan of technology, love to running in-ground, and fashion lovers. He is also interest in outdoors activities and entrepreneurship.

About Walking Factory

In Walkingfactory.com, we leave no stone un-turned to provide our readers’ unbiased reviews on a list of best products of Shoes that they are interested in. We also cover the shoes for flat feet, Plantar fasciitis shoes, all day shoes, slip-resistant, and work boots for men and women.

I want to make the best blog about shoe products where peoples come to looking for high-quality shoe products according to their requirements.

We collect the reviews from the real peoples after the much struggle and surveys on that specific product for so many days and then bring this information to you in the shape of unbiased product reviews.

We provide knowledge of all types of shoes in the expectation that we can help you to find the ideal pair. Whether you are a specialized Doctor or you’re looking for your next pair of walking shoes – we are here to help you in the best way.

As we all know, buying online can sometimes be a complicated procedure. So we have taken a long time to go into serious detail with every type of shoe.

For example, when buying shoes for standing all day, it is essential to consider the following elements; leather vs. synthetic, out-sole, style and comfort, and quality. We provide it for you in an easy to read layout, which saves you time.

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