Why All Shoes Hurt My Feet – How to Treat and Prevent in 2021

Am I alone who suffers from the shoes for feet that hurt all the time? Why All Shoes Hurt My Feet?

Are you the one who is thinking like this?

Here are a deep analysis and solution to your pinching shoe.

Everyone has shoes that hurt their feet. They get hot in them, they pinch and hurt, they make noise and you can’t really wear them for long. In this article, I will show you how to get rid of the shoes that hurt your feet, and learn how to select the right pair of shoes for your body.

all shoes hurt my feet

Your hurt foot is not only a restless feeling but it can cause you some serious health issues with constant use.

Be careful while selecting new shoes and learn some hacks to work on the older ones.

Are you suffering from foot pain? If so, you may be experiencing the pain associated with plantar fasciitis, a degenerative condition that occurs when the muscles in your feet don’t work well. In this article, I’ll show you how to treat plantar fasciitis and how you can avoid it.

Read the article All Shoes Hurt My Feet for digging out the cause and its best solution for ultimate relief.

Why Do All Shoes Hurt My Feet?

If you want to look good but can’t stand the pain of wearing uncomfortable shoes, then you should probably read this article. I have a couple of good tips for you. You may have the experience of getting hurt by your all shoes. Why All Shoes Hurt My Feet? It is necessary to dig out the main cause to resolve it.

1. Size Issues

Your shoes that fit loosely or tightly are the culprit of hurting your feet.

Take your time and select a shoe that fits snuggly and that sits well with the shape of your feet.

2. Health Issues

There are many issues that are actually making your feet sore in the form of an alarm.

Diabetes, Plantar fasciitis, Calluses, Metatarsalgia, Morton’s neuroma, Tendinitis, Arthritis are some of the ailments that may cause pain, stiffness or further issues in the feet.

3. Construction Of Your Shoes

You may be sensitive to some shoe material so try a different one in your routine.

  • Shapes like narrow toe box, flats or high heels cannot only hurt and allow blisters so buy a pair with most alike shape to your feet.
  • The stitching of your shoes near delicate skin can rub and hurt. New running shoes hurt arches if they are not properly cushioned.
  • Flat shoes or high heels also damage the feet health.
  • Hard or extra padded insoles irritate the skin. You need a firm but soft base to walk confidently

Why Do New Shoes Hurt?

New shoes hurt because they need to sit on your feet. The materials of the shoes will stretch by the time and will change their shape according to your feet.

Shoes hurt your feet. All the time. You’ve probably noticed that your shoes feel more comfortable when you have a blister on your foot, but that’s not always the case.

Why All Shoes Hurt My Feet? New shoes are stiff so they hurt the delicate skin. All you need to do is break in your shoes before wearing them all day for the very first time.

Always spend enough time buying your shoes. Walk while wearing your selected pair in the trying area.

Things To Consider While Buying New Shoes?

You buy shoes in the morning instead of the evening that is leading to a pair of shoes for feet that hurt all the time.

Your feet can change the size even you are an adult so buy while trying them on not by the number.

Try a shoe with a wide toe box to avoid big toe pain shoes or hurt pinky.

If your shoes hurt the back of the ankle, buy a pair with a soft inner lining or padded collar and tongue.

Things to consider while breaking in shoes

Why do new running shoes hurt my feet? How to make my new heels more comfortable?

Why All Shoes Hurt My Feet The answer is to break in your shoes.

Identify the problem area to take preventive measures.

Add arch support to strengthen the foot to walk or stay in shoes for a longer time.

Add cushioning or gel insoles to your shoes to fit them properly for relieving pain.

Wear thick socks and walk or sit for shoes digging into the top of the foot. This will make some more room for pressurized toes or the top of the foot.

Things To Make Your Feet Secure

Collect some silicone insoles, silicone inserts, toe separators, toe rings to avoid hot spots for the required area. These can even help you with flipflops or sandals other than shoes and heels.

Frizz Ease gels are also good for sore feet. Apply on feet or inside the shoes.

Apply baby powder or antiperspirant powder to prevent slipping, smell or infections.

Rub surgical spirit on your feet for your hotspots. You may get cracked heels so avoid applying it daily, and moisturize your feet regularly.

Why All Shoes Hurt My Feet? Wearing shoes with a damaged heel or over their life may cause fatigue and damage to your feet.

Cut the nails of the toes and treat properly an ingrown nail toe. It can cause tenderness or lead to infection or pus in the area.

Flat shoes can also enhance the issues as they have no support for your arch.

Compliment the shoes with your activities. High heels cannot accompany you on hiking trips or in the gym.

Give break to your feet. Keep an extra pair with you at work. The same pair and shape make the feet tired and swollen quickly.

Try tying your third and fourth toe, with tape to fit in the pumps or tight fit shoes. It will help in big toe pain shoes as well.

Issues That Need To See a Doctor

You can use the hacks discussed here Why All Shoes Hurt My Feet. The pain and problems that are not resolving, need to see a doctor.

  • Pain that is not improving with home remedies.
  • Swollen feet for four to five days
  • Numbness or tingling sensation in your foot
  • Having an open wound
  • Signs of infection, as tenderness and fever.


Why All Shoes Hurt My Feet Your feet need some extra care than your face because your health is dependent on them. They bear the weight of your body and it’s they, who take you to your destination.

You should adopt some foot care routines and exercises to boost the strength and health of your feet.

Shoes are the covering of your feet. Carefully select and maintain well your shoes to increase their life and give relief to your feet issues.

Most Frequently People Ask For (FAQS)

1. What to do When shoes hurt your feet?

Here’s what to do:
  1. Put thick socks on your feet.
  2. Blast one of the shoes all over with a hair dryer for around a minute, until it’s warm and soft.
  3. Put the shoe on your foot.
  4. Repeat with the other shoe.
  5. Walk around your house at least until the shoes have cooled – the longer you can keep them on the better.

2. Why do my feet hurt when I wear sneakers?

Shoes for running that are too big or are not supportive enough cause the muscles at the bottom of the foot to tighten with every step. The muscles respond in this manner as they try to keep the shoe from sliding or slipping off. In severe cases, the bottom of the feet begin to tighten and the heels become inflamed.

3. What shoes are best for painful feet?

The 10 Best Running Shoes for Heel Pain in 2020:
  1. New Balance 990 V5. The New Balance 990V5 offers the perfect combination of cushioning and stability. …
  2. Hoka Bondi 7. The HOKA Bondi 7 is their most cushioned shoe yet! …
  3. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21. …
  4. New Balance 1080 V10. …
  5. HOKA Gaviota 3. …
  6. Brooks Ariel 20. …
  7. Brooks Beast 20. …
  8. Hoka Clifton 7.

4. Why do all shoes rub my feet?

If you are having pain in the top of your foot only when you are wearing shoes, you are probably irritating the nerve on the top of your instep with your shoes. Many people have prominence in this area due to a high arch and this rubs on their shoes and pinches the nerve causing a burning pain in the area.

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