Top 10 Best Leather Shoes Brands In The World 2021 – [Buying Guide & Tips]

Are you the leather shoe collector? Do you want to have a pair made out of pure leather that can give a customized fit and comfort to your feet? Or are you a crazy trend follower to know about the best leather shoe brands in the world?

There are so many best leather shoe brands in the world that are producing the most fine pieces for their customers to look fantastic and feel comfortable.

Your expensive, trend-savvy, unique taste will make you stand out in the crowd. Globalization has made it possible to reach out to the best leather shoe brands in the world.

best leather shoes brands in world 2020

This list shows the top ten companies that have expertise in leather-made products and well known for their craftsmanship.

Choose your favorite shoes from these best leather shoe brands in the world and worth your money.

1. Salvatore Ferragamo Italia

 Salvatore Ferragamo Italia - best luxury shoe brandFor more than three-quarters of the last century, Salvatore Ferragamo Italia is innovating its leather products to make a remarkable name among its customers. The company in Italy produced extraordinary shoes that they earned the nickname “Shoemaker to the Stars.”

The company also designs men’s and women’s clothing and accessories. However, they are still famous for their shoes.

Salvatore Ferragamo Italia, the best luxury shoe brand, produces a vast range of sizes and shoes. Mainly when the company focused on custom-fitting.

Customized shoes appeal even celebrities to choose Ferragamo as their brand. Salvatore Ferragamo always wants best and organic leather, materials, and shapes to inspire their customers.

Ferragamo retails their leather shoes globally by the network of retailers and company s outlet.

2. John Lobb

John Lobb Shoes - top shoe brands in the worldA unique boot making industry, John Lobb has been maintaining its standards for the last 150 years, in Paris. John Lobb does not follow trends blindly.

The company keeps its bespoke shoe-making tradition while expanding the ready-to-wear collection of leather shoes and other goods.

The customers of this manufacturer invest confidently in the product. They are well aware of the quality of the product, and John Lobb maintains its standards knowingly.

The full-grain leathers offer durability, comfort, and a perfect fit for the user.

John Lobb Bootmaker has the most exceptional craftsmanship in handmade shoes and boots for men. Boot-maker company is a luxury shoe brand for men that retails luxury shoes and boots mainly for men, but also women.

3. Gucci

Influential, innovative, and progressive, is what Gucci describes itself.

With each passing day, Gucci is reinventing the fashion. A luxury brand for the 21st century. They are not only desirable for fashion houses but famous for its craftsmanship, unbeatable for their quality and detailed designs.

Gucci - top shoe brands in the world

Gucci is versatile while using a variety of leathers and forming their style.

Gucci founded in Florence in 1921. This brand represents luxury and expensive men’s shoe brands. BusinessWeek magazine claimed that Gucci generated about €4.2 billion in 2008. The magazine also gave its 41st position in “Top Global 100 Brands” of 2009.

4. Berluti

When you want a pair of bespoke Berluti shoes, they will allow 110% comfortable and fit to your feet.

Berluti - expensive mens shoes brands

A master shoemaker can discuss your goals, style, and daily routine to make a customized product for you. He will make sure the exact volume and dimensions of your feet.

Berluti was founded in 1895 in Paris though Berluti is one of the expensive men’s shoe brands; it worth the price.

Berluti is a company that manufactures menswear. They provide unique leather finishing by calfskin, kangaroo leather, and alligator skin to their products.

5. Cole Haan

Cole Haan - best luxury shoe brandsCole Haan’s shoes set a high standard for quality. You can have the most comfortable pair from them. They use the most beautiful quality leather with the blend of excellent craftsmanship that even some are handmade

The price of the shoe offers outstanding value as they give maximum comfort all day long. It always stays in the list of Top Shoe Brands in the World.

Cole Haan’s shoes earned an excellent reputation for durability. Cole Haan is a globally recognized lifestyle brand. It was founded in Chicago in 1928, currently owned by Nike. Nike adds its Air Technology to the shoe production that uplifts the quality and comfort.

6. Johnston & Murphy

Johnson and Murphy, an American company founded in 1850, and their style, reflect their traditional roots into the classics.

They make various designs in classic shoes – boat shoes, loafers, oxfords, and ankle boots. And they come in all the traditional colors as well, such as brown, black, burgundy, and tan.

Johnston & Murphy - leather shoes brands list

If you have traditional aesthetics, Johnston & Murphy will fall into your category and budget. Johnston & Murphy manufacturer of footwear, apparel, leather goods, and luggage.

The specialty of J&M is, they are lightweight, comfortable, moisture-wicking, and durable. They have extra cushioning and a removable insole that allows proper fit. The Johnston & Murphy Group divided into two operating divisions: Retail Operations and Wholesale. They ship their products globally.

7. Church’s – England

Church’s leather shoes are not just functional; they are excellent.

What makes it so is the materials they use, the craftsmanship, and construction methods. They provide some of the best English shoes that are versatile, cozy, and durable.

Church's - top shoe brands in the world

The Church is offering a variety of leather shoes. One unique range of their products created by stitching the outsole, insole, and upper. This technique allows for more durability. Church’s shoes are handmade. Even each detail on the shoe is handmade like tassels.

Church’s stands one is the best leather shoe brands list in these days. The Parade group joined the company and added their expertise. The company is known for the most elegant loafers, oxfords, brogues, and boots.

8. Edward Green

The shoes Edward Green crafted are handmade to the level of perfection. They possess expertise in making leather shoes for men.

It said that they craft perfect shoes to the extent that the entire crew rolls out only 250 shoes per week. The stylish Dover Split Toe, the shoe range favored by most of the men, is most elegant.

Edward Green - designer mens shoes brands

Edward Green is an English shoemaking brand reaching to the excellence for its customized fit and comfort as its handmade. The craftsmanship can only produce 250 pairs every week due to detailed work. They are provided to the last longer but remain comfortable with every wear.

The shoe company, one of the designer men’s shoe brands, exists since 1890 that gained its popularity over centuries.

9. Santoni

Santoni - best leather shoes brands in worldSantoni shoes crafted from calfskin leather. Calfskin is the best possible material for your shoes. Leather upper and leather lining will allow your feet to breathe and stay comfortable day long.

Santonin can beat its competitors for quality pigment, quality of raw materials, and light construction.

The company is manufacturing its products in Italy. They make versatile and durable shoes that can remain good with even with low maintenance.

Santonin founded by Andrea Santoni in 1975 and run by Giuseppe. We can judge Giuseppe s passion for his 400-pair collection. All of them were painted in various shades of blue to go with his suits.

10. Prada

Prada shoes are some of the best designer men’s shoe brands in the market. So, these shoes are stylish but trendier. These shoes are a symbol of fashion.prada designer men's shoes brands

They make their shoes more functional, durable, and fashionable. The detailed craftsmanship of the products from Prada is renowned all over the world.

The products from Prada also fall into the moderate budget. Even they offer more value to your money with their long-lasting materials. They made the fittest sizes for every foot.

Prada S.p.A, is an Italian fashion house, an expert in ready-to-wear leather shoes and accessories. The founder is Mario Prada, and it founded in 1913.

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