5 Top Pick Best Sandals for Long Toes of 2021 – [Reviews & Guide]

Best-Sandals-for-Long-ToesDo you have long toes? It can be tough to find sandals that fit your feet! The best sandals for long toes are those that open wide at the front of the foot. You may also want to look for a strap or buckle across the top, which will help support your toes and keep them from slipping out. Finally, make sure there is enough space between your big toe and second toe; this will ensure they don’t get jammed together while walking.

As summer approaches, the time of year when you want to be wearing as little as possible, it is hard not to feel a sense of dread. When your toes are cramped up in shoes all day long and then stuffed into a pair of sandals for an evening on the town, there can’t help but be some discomfort. Luckily for those with long toes, there are plenty of options that will make this season more comfortable than ever.

When it comes to sandals, the most important thing for those with long toes is finding a pair that won’t squish them. Long toes can be uncomfortable and unsightly in shoes, but they’re even worse when you’re wearing sandals. That’s why we’ve come up with the best sandals for long toes. Read on to find out which ones we think are best.

The best sandals for long toes are ones that have plenty of room. Sandals with straps can be tricky if you have long toes, because the straps will pinch your toes together. This is uncomfortable and may cause blisters or calluses to form on your toe joints. You should also avoid flip flops which are very easy to trip over in, especially if you have a foot condition like hammertoe or bunions. Look for sandals made from stretchy material instead so they’ll conform to your feet better and won’t slip off easily.

Best Sandals for Long Toes | Reviews 2021

If you have long toes, finding the right sandals can be a challenge. This article will help to guide you through what exactly makes a good pair of sandals for people with long toes, and then introduce you to some of the best options out there.  If your feet are on the larger side, or if you simply want to make sure that they’ll fit well in your future footwear choices, read on.

Whether you have long toes or short toes, we all know that sandals are a summer staple. Sandals give us the ability to show off our feet without covering them up with socks and shoes. But not every shoe is perfect for everyone’s foot shape. If you have long toes, finding the right pair of sandals can be difficult because so many styles will cause your toe to hang over the edge of your shoe and rub against everything they come into contact with Best Sandals for Long Toes. Fortunately, there are plenty of options out there for those who want to flaunt their feet in style this summer! Here is a list of our top 5 picks for best sandal options for longer toes.

1. KEEN Women’s Bali Strap Sandal

KEEN Womens Bali Strap Sandal

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The Keen Bali Strap is a comfortable, sporty sandal with leather uppers and closed-toe designs to hide long toes.
The straps are adjustable for an optimal fit that’s sure not too tight or loose so it feels great on your feet while walking all day in this fashionable shoe! The moldable footbed provides cushioning from ground impacts while you’re out jogging around town.

The uppers of the Bali outdoor clogs are made from a durable and water-resistant fabric. They also dry quickly, which makes them perfect for rainy days or when you’re out in wet conditions all day long! The thick rubber sole provides protection against slips on most surfaces while still giving excellent traction so your feet don’t get pricked by anything sharp along their path. And best yet? There’s an extensive color palette available that will fit any personal style preference–you can find something nice enough to wear everywhere without getting bored with what is already there.

This chic sandal is perfect for a day at the beach. The KEEN Women’s Bali Strap Sandals will keep your feet feeling comfortable all day long with the added cushioning and support of EVA footbed, rubber pod technology, and an adjustable strap for heightened stability as you walk across uneven ground. These shoes are made of 100% leather which illustrates their durability yet lightweight style so they can be worn outside as well as inside.

With an imported sole and manufactured in Indonesia, these shoes show that we’re respecting our makers by giving you what’s best without compromise. With its sleek design and waterproof feature, this shoe never disappoints on quality or convenience alone! So order now to take advantage of this exclusive offer.

The KEEN Women’s Bali Sandal is a comfortable walking shoe that features a durable synthetic outsole for all-day wear. The imported leather straps have been embellished with stitching detail on top of more decorative woven styling so you can enjoy more than just great looks as you walk. With the wider, 0.75-inch platform, this comfy sandal offers stability and some added height to help your day go at your own pace.

  • Runs large
  • Great water shoes
  • Comfortable and lightwight outdoor sandal
  • comfy and great for women with wider feet
  • sole not supportive enough
  • NOT for plantar fasciitis

2. Kenneth Cole REACTION Women’s Fine Glass Sandal

Kenneth Cole REACTION Sandal

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The Kenneth Cole reaction Fine Glass Wedge Sandal will hide your long toes from view, while still being dressy enough to wear out on any occasion. The peep-toe design provides a more discreet look and the back strap keeps them securely in place so you don’t have to worry about their slipping off or bugging others with unsightly toe nails.

The outsole is a non-marking durable rubber that also ensures excellent traction.
There’s an extra layer of cushion to keep your feet comfortable, which you can customize with many colors and designs available.

The Kenneth Cole Reaction Women’s Fine Glass Slingback Platform Sandal would be the perfect shoe for any outfit you need an extra boost to pull off! It’s easy on and off, has a cushioned footbed for all-day comfort, can be worn with dresses or pants thanks to its slingback design, and the platform wedges are just what your outfits have been missing. You’ll never want to take them off.

You’ll be “reacting” in no time when you meet the Kenneth Cole Reaction Women’s Fine Glass Slingback Platform Sandal. The perfect two-piece sandal with a wedge heel and sling back for an easy, secure fit. Plus cushioned footbed and traction outsole for all-day comfort when you want to dress up or down your look with these shoes. Make this your new everyday favorite.

Start your summer off right with Kenneth Cole Reaction’s Women’s Fine Glass Slingback Platform Sandal! The cushioned footbed gives you comfort all day, and the synthetic upper has patent contrast for an awesome shine. The heel height is perfect to take you from work to play, and the slingback ankle strap provides a secure fit for days on the go. Slip these stylish beauties on today.

  • Comfy sandals
  • Perfect all day walking shoe
  • Cute alternative to a basic flat or sandal
  • Good quality leather
  • Lightweight and Comfortable
  • Great shoe for a reasonable price
  • Very nice shoes if your looking to cover your toes
  • strap ripped off
  • Cheap poor quality

3. KEEN Women’s Rose Sandal

KEEN Womens Rose Sandal

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This stylish sandal is great for hiding away those long toes. The open design on the sides means you can still show off your favorite outfit while keeping them out of sight with this shoe.

The color options are vast! The sandal comes in a variety of different styles to ensure that you find the perfect fit for your feet. This shoe also includes an EVA footbed, which is designed specifically with women’s curves in mind and can be worn all day long without any discomfort. Finally, its rubber outsole provides good traction on any surface–whether it’s wet or dry floors alike.

Iconic Keen construction with added protection and durability for active women. Water-resistant, quick-dry lining ensures your feet will stay dry in a variety of environments. These Keen Women’s Rose Sandal are perfect to wear hiking or going for a dip outside on those sunny days.

The KEEN Women’s Rose Sandal is the perfect shoe for busy women everywhere. This sandal features a leather/polyester upper with a water-resistant construction to protect your feet from outside elements, quick-dry polyester lining for easy clean up after an active adventure in or out of the water, puncture-proof TPU rock plate sole with rubber traction to keep you on track no matter what surface you are walking on and iconic user-friendly toe bumper for extra protection. With all these great attributes this is one amazing shoe.

Make every day your garden party with the adjustable strap to provide easy access for an instant getaway. Stay comfortable all day long thanks to the breathable, compression-molded midsole and secure fit through adjustable hook and loop closure.

  • Extremely comfortable
  • The best shoes for traveling
  • Perfect except for the non-adjustable ankle strap
  • Awesome water shoes for tubing, camping, hiking, walking in the river or ocean, etc.
  • Strap design is a disaster
  • So tight across the top/not wide enough
  • Good for casual sandals, NOT for hiking

4. Clarks Women’s Leisa Lakelyn Flat Sandal

Clarks Womens Leisa Lakelyn Flat Sandal

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It’s no secret that the Clarks Leisa Lakelyn is a versatile, comfortable shoe. With a heel slightly taller than other clogs and a platform below your feet, it’s the perfect summertime staple for everything from nights under the stars to chasing waves on land. Clarks’ signature Ortholite footbed provides best-in-class shock absorption while ensuring all-day comfort in this waterproof sandal with plenty of styles.

We are so excited to share this latest Clark collection with you. They have designed the ultimate flat sandal for fashion’s adventurous woman. Known for its signature focus on style, comfort, and durability, this Clarks Leisa Lakelyn Flat Sandal is super versatile with a cute heel of 1.33 inches that can transition seamlessly from daytime to night time.

There are more amazing features of this fabulous shoe including 100% leather construction imported from Italy, ortholite footbed for optimal underfoot cushioning without sacrificing any shock absorption capability, Clarks cushion soft allowing it to be flexible yet sturdy while looking absolutely stunning in quality fabrics wherever you go – all at an accessible price point so every woman can enjoy the sophisticated benefits day in and out thanks.

You’ll love this flat sandal! It’s a great way to get your feet out of the summer heat and stay stylish at the same time. The closed-toe hides long toes, while cutouts keep you well ventilated with enough ventilation for comfort in hot weather conditions or when on an adventure outdoors all day long. There are several neutral colors available including black/ivory( pictured ) which would match any outfit making them the perfect footwear choice if going classic is what suits up most fancy.

  • Good quality, comfortable shoe
  • So comfortable and good looking too
  • The best shoes for traveling
  • Perfect except for the non-adjustable ankle strap
  • Inconsistent size, different sandal
  • So tight across the top/not wide enough
  • Not for hiking I repeat not for hiking

5. Earth Origins Nellie

Earth Origins Nellie

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The Leisa Lakelyn flat sandal is perfect for the fashionable woman who enjoys getting out and about. Made out of eco-friendly rubber, this sleek leaf green shoe gives you comfort all day long. The burnished calf leather upper not only looks luxurious but also provides elastic to guarantee a secure fit no matter what your stride! With exquisite touches like polyurethane lining and plenty of cushioning, these shoes are sure to dress up any wardrobe.

Stylish and light make the Clarks Women’s Leisa Lakelyn Flat Sandals a necessity for comfort and an asset to any summer outfit. These classic sandals not only look great but feel even better with multi-density cushioning and arch support, paired with elastic goring for ease. They’re also grounded by a sturdy rubber sole that will keep you comfortable without sacrificing style, all in black leather with reinforced stitching so your feet stay comfortable all day long. Walk on water or just around town in Clark’s Women’s Leisa Lakelyn Flat Sandals today.

The Flat Sandal is a stylish and comfortable flat sandal. It has a closed-toe design that hides your long toes, while the cut-outs keep you well ventilated with an open back to let air flow through for comfort! There are multiple neutral colors available so it will match any outfit or shoes in your closet perfectly. The multi-density cushioning offers great shock absorption and arch support which means these babies can go all day without giving out on ya thanks again their low heel construction makes running errands easy peasy.

  • First these are nice leather shoes
  • Soft and comfy
  • great casual sandals
  • beautiful along with comfort
  • Cute closed-toed shoes, back strap may be abrasive against ankle
  • Sizing not realistic
  • The brand’s size is not consistent
  • Way too large, charged $6 to return

What to Look for Choosing Sandals for Long Toes – Buying Guide

If you have long toes, then finding a good pair of sandals can be a challenge. What do you look for? Here are some tips to help with your search: Make sure the straps are adjustable and that there is enough room in between the strap and toe – this will prevent any rubbing or blisters from developing Best Sandals for Long Toes. The toe should never touch the ground while wearing them! Be sure to get a wider-width shoe if needed. And don’t forget about arch support! These little but important details can make all the difference when it comes to how comfortable they feel on your feet throughout the day.

Long Toes and How They Can Affect Your Feet and Self Confidence?

The answer to our weird stubby toes is actually quite fascinating. It turns out, we humans don’t need long extended feet like other animals because the shortness was designed for running and walking! Plus with longer digits, you’d have to put more effort into it while generating less shock than if they were shorter; meaning slower speeds or an increased chance at injury (or both).

Running and walking are two of the most popular activities in which people engage with their feet. The human body is well adapted for this type of motion, as it was designed to do these things with short toes on one foot (for running) or both (for balancing).

The human body is well adapted for running and walking, which means that its design features are perfect for these activities. This includes shorter toes on the front feet of males because it hits harder with their weight while females have longer ones to help them cover more ground efficiently without breaking too much havoc within joints or overusing muscles elsewhere in the leg area due to prolonged use.

For people with Best Sandals for Long Toes, it may not just be a matter of looks. It can also affect their level of balance and endurance when running!

For those individuals whose feet are unusually long compared to most human beings’ proportions (or what’s considered “normal”), they often experience different physical sensations than others do while exercising on the ground surface due to this difference between muscle development throughout each foot across various toe regions; some would say that these ergonomic problems exist at all stages during sports performance because certain types require particular skillsets like agility or strength over a distance which could pose issues if you lack them

Tips on Dealing with Long Toes

1. Foot Maintenance

For the ladies, a good pedicure and painted toes can change your longer toe appeal. Along with foot jewelry such as toe rings or even some henna tattoos to make them more visible in an effort for women who have long legs they want people to notice.

2. Sandals

Peep-toe sandals are the most popular style of footwear for women. They have a more closed design that hides your toes, while strappy styles extend to just about where you would expect them to on an open toe shoe or bootie but without revealing any part of it at all! The soles offer some added stability with their thick pillars and/or heels always made out of high-quality material like vegan leather (which is much softer than its counterpart) ensuring comfort when running around town during these hot summer months.

3. Decorative Details

Long toes are a must for any summer sandal, but they can be hard to find. Decorative details such as rhinestones and bows make the perfect combination with longer-toe boxes that will keep your feet cool on those long walks down by the beach or through an old forest preserve!

Features of a Good Sandal for Long Toes

1. Uppers

The perfect pair of summer sandals is a balancing act between comfort, durability, and style. Toe roomy enough to wear with your favorite jeans or shorts? Or should it be more dress-like for that special occasion at work? We cover every possible situation in our selection so you can find just what will fit into any outfit!

2. Footbed

Cushioned and anatomically shaped footbeds are desirable for support, shock absorbency, and comfort. EVA foam is often used in the construction of these types of mattresses; however, Memory or Cork/latex-based material can be employed as well such as with Birkenstocks to provide even more padding around your feet.

3. Outsole

A durable rubber outsole with a lug tread offers good traction and will last very long. Lugs are designed to provide grip in wet conditions, making them perfect for winterized boots that need all the assistance they can get.

4. Other Features

The features of a high-quality sport sandal range from adjustable straps, an interior lining that wicks away moisture to keep your feet dryer for longer wear times and prevents blisters or sores on contact. Some models offer heel cushioning which protects you when running around in hot weather as well.

5. Options

Sandals are an essential summer accessory. They come in many different styles, sizes, and colors to match any outfit! You can find narrow widths that will fit well for people with narrow feet or wide shoes that don’t have the same requirements as yours when buying online at our store where you’ll also be able to find printable sandal designs if desired too.”

6. Closures and Adjustability

With most of the models having buckles, Velcro, or hook and loop systems for closure there are endless possibilities to customize your footwear.

With so many different types of straps available on shoes, you can find just what suits your taste with this awesome selection.


We’ve discussed the best sandals for long toes and how to properly select a pair that will accommodate your foot. Hopefully, you now have some new insight into what features are important when selecting the right shoes for your feet. Keep these things in mind as you shop so you can find something comfortable and fashionable.

The information above should help you find the best sandals for your toes. Remember to look at our tips and then choose a pair that matches what you need.

There are many different types of sandals that can be worn to accommodate long toes. These include flip-flops, thongs, and other open-toe shoes with a wide toe bed. Flip-flops typically have several straps going across the foot for more support while they’re being walked in which provides ample space for people who need roomier footwear due to their feet or toes. Thong style sandals allow you to wear them without socks on your feet – not only does this make it easier when putting them on but also makes this one of the best options if you don’t want any skin touching skin between your toes because they fully cover up all 10 digits from both sides! Finally, there is a variety of open-toe.

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