Top 7 Best Shoes For Baby With Wide Feet in 2021 – [Reviews & Guide]

To solve this problem we spent hours researching the internet to find the perfect shoes for wide feet baby. You can go through our guide to find the best pick for your baby. All the shoes that we listed here correctly accommodate the wide feet of the baby. Let’s look at the best shoes for baby with wide feet guide and get the best one.

Your baby’s wide feet will bring a whole lot of trouble for you when shopping for the baby’s shoes. You have to take care of the baby’s comfort and content with the boots. There will be chances that you get the right size of the shoes, but they will not fit in it, and if you get a size up, you will get the wrong shoes. So it requires good thinking to get the boots for wide feet, baby.

Best Shoes For Baby With Wide Feet – Buyer Guide

Find out what makes a baby shoe the best fit for your baby. Also, learn how to find the best fitting shoes for baby feet and how to get on your feet with baby walkers. While scavenging for the best shoes for the baby with wide feet, we find some features to take into account:

1. Comfort

The baby shoes ought to provide comfort. A socklike fit or complete cushioning of the shoes will make for convenience. Furthermore, breathability is another feature of ease. If shoes do not have proper ventilation, they will leave the feet sweaty and smelly so get shoes with adequate breathability.

2. Flexibility

The wide little feet do not have an arch formed in the feet. To get the shoes that mold to the feet’ shape, good felexible shoes with a rubber sole will work for the fat feet.

3. Easy slip-on

the wide opening with a velcro strap will make for easy slipping into shoes. The easy slip-on design is yet another feature for the wide and fat feet toddlers.

Today’s babies come in all shapes and sizes. All of them have different shoe needs, but finding the right slip-on shoes for your baby can be a bit tricky. So for every baby, and for every size, here’s how to make slip-on shoes for wide feet.

4. Traction

the kids that are learning to walk should have shoes with proper traction. The toe cap and beveled outsole of the shoes will make for reducing stumbles and falls.

So that was some of the necessary features for wide-foot babies. Now, let’s get to the list.

7 Best Shoes For Baby With Wide Feet In 2021

Babies have wide feet, and this can be a very difficult thing to deal with. There are all kinds of shoes out there for baby feet, but how do you choose which ones are the best? The best way to choose a shoe for baby feet is to go through the pros and cons of each shoe in terms of comfort and fit.

1. pediped Sahara Flex Water Sandalpediped Sahara Flex Water Sandal

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first on our list are these unisex pediped sandals. These sandals will be the best companion for your wide-foot baby to the adventure of bach or water splashes. These shoes are designed in a way to provide maximum comfort all-day. Not only convenient, but these shoes also offer a sporty and trendy look to those tiny little feet.

Talking about its features, you will be getting an adjustable instep velcro strap. This strap is perfect for accommodating the wide feet of the baby. Slide those little fatty feet into shoes and adjust the strap accordingly, and these shoes will hug your baby’s feet.

If you look at the top Best Shoes For Baby With Wide Feet, you will see the stitching highlights on the shoes’ straps. This stitching will make the boots durable and long-lasting to last the whole season. Not only top the bottom of the shoes have great features too. Its toe bumper at the front makes to reduce the stumbles and falls while providing full comfort.

The outsole of these shoes has different textures, which for the slip-resistant and grip. You can stay worry-free of slips and slides with these shoes. These shoes offer a trendy look and maximum comfort under the supervision of a pediatrician. You can get these shoes as they will be the best shoes for a baby with wide chubby feet.

  • Perfect for beaches and water splashes
  • Adjustable midfoot strap
  • Durable and long-lasting design
  • Toe cap and grippy sole
  • Unisex
  • Different color choices
  • Runs large to size

2. Matercaker Baby SneakerMatercaker Baby Sneaker

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next, we have on the list are these fashion sneakers from matercaker. These shoes depict a bright color top that offers complete comfort to those chubby little feet. The top of these shoes comes with a breathable material that is of mesh fabric. Those chubby little feet will stay relaxed no matter how long they have it.

The design of these shoe coms with easy on and off. The adjustable midfoot strap will make for a snug fit, and it will provide the perfect accommodation for the chubby little feet. These shoes will provide sweat free experience as they instantly absorb sweat. In other words, on the inside, these shoes offer maximum comfort like no otherdoes.

Furthermore, the bottom part of these Best Shoes For Baby With Wide Feet incorporates the light rubber sole. These shoes are lightweight on the feet and provide maximum flexibility for the little feet. The toe cap of these sporty shoes makes for reduced stumble and falls at the front part. Your kid will stay safe and comfortable in these shoes all day.

The outsole of these shoes also has an anti-collision design that protects from hard objects and keeps them from slipping. So, inshort, these shoes house different useful features for the wide toddler shoes. It offers maximum breathability, slip-resistant, snug-fitting design, and complete comfort for all-day wear.

  • Super breathable top
  • Water-absorbing
  • Super grip form the sole
  • Adjustable midfoot strap
  • Completely padded
  • Washable
  • Velcro strap wears off after some time

3. Crocs Kids’ Classic ClogCrocs Kids Classic Clog

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whenever there is a discussion about comfortable shoes for the wide feet babies, the crocs will hit the lits. So, our next pick is these crocs kids’ classic clogs for the best shoes for baby with wide feet. These clogs offer full comfort to those plush feet no matter where the adventures take those little wanderers.

Comprising the iconic crostile foam construction, these shoes are super light on the feet. Your new-to-shoes kid will fall in love with these bright colored clogs. The easy slip-on design of these clogs will make your kid easy sliding into shoes without adult help.

These extra wide baby walking shoes can go with the kids to water fun as they are water-friendly and easy to clean. The crostile construction of these shoes has another benefit that it can mold to the feet’ shape, so for you wide feet baby, they are perfect. These shoes come with a breathable design to provide maximum comfort due to its perforation at the top.

These water shoes also keep the debris and dirt away, with the perforations at the top. Furthermore, the nonmarking outsole of these shoes will ensure that your kid remains safe from slips and slides during the summer fun. And the great thing is that these unisex shoes are available in different color assortments so you can choose one according to your baby’s choice.

  • extra complete toddler shoe design
  • Breathable with a perforation at the top
  • Comes with a Backstrap for a snug fit
  • Easy cleaning and quick-drying
  • Non-marking outsole for maximum grip
  • Different color assortments
  • Not true to size

4. Stride Rite Soft Motion Girls Bambi Athletic SneakerStride Rite Soft Motion Sneaker

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Stride Rite is a brand that is highly adored by parents and kids for its top-quality footwear. Committed to providing high-quality footwear since 1919, this brand comes with nothing but the best. This pick from stride rite is to the best shoes for a baby girl with wide feet walking. It comes with both the cute looks and maximum comfort for the wide feet, baby girl.

Its two-tone leather top highlights an adjustable hook and loop closure strap at the midfoot. This strap makes for the snug fit of the shoes. Below the belt, you will see the stretchy lacey highlights, which keep the shoes on the feet all day. The sweet butterflies are showcasing at the sides, which adds up to the look of these shoes.

On the inside, these shoes offer complete seamless padding. Your kids’ little feet will stay bruise-free with its plushness from inside. These 100 percent leather shoes will make for a long-lasting companionship for the wide fat feet, and with its oversize opening, you will hassle-freely accommodate the fatty feet.

These shoes can be perfect baby first walking shoes as they encourage the feet’ natural motion with its flexible sole. Talking of sole, you will be getting the reduced stumbles and falls with its rounded toe and sole design. Furthermore, the maximum grip at the outsole makes for the slip-resistance. So get these pretty shoes for your baby girl and watch her taking her first steps.

  • Pretty design
  • Wide opening makes them the best shoes for infants with wide feet
  • Memory foam inlines for comfort
  • Slip-resistant
  • Not unisex
  • People complain of low quality when buying from amazon

5. Nike Kids’ Revolution 4 (TDV) Running ShoeNike Kids Revolution Running Shoe

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our next selection is these Nike kids’ revolution,four running shoes. Sporting the mini version of the men’s running shoes, these shoes are perfect Nike wide toddler shoes. These shoes come with all the props and gears for the wide feet babies. It’s wide opening with a lacey panel and velcro strap makesit easy to slip into the shoes.

For comfort, these shoes showcase the completely breathable mesh top. The chubby little feet will remain sweat-free all day long. For optimal comfort, these shoes are lined with a soft foam midsole. This midsole, besides making for convenience, also provides the lightweight of the shoes and responsive cushioning.

As Nike takes care of the arch support in its every footwear, these kids’ shoes from nike come with proper arch support. Your baby’s wide fat feet that lack the arch will get into shape with these shoes. These shoes can perfectly dash the fat feet of the baby and provide maximum comfort all day.

The bottom of these shoes comes with a toestumble at the front and proper beveling outsole. All these make for the stumble-resistant and slip-resistance from the boots. And the good news is that you can get these sneakers for both your toddle or grownup kids with its variety of sizes.

  • Sporty design
  • Completely breathable top
  • Velcro strap for size adjustment
  • Beveled outsole for slip-resistance
  • Lightweight midsole
  • Proper arch support
  • Size issues

6. BMCiTYBMBaby Shoes Boy Girl Infant SneakersBMCiTYBMBaby Shoes Infant Sneakers

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BMCiTYBM is yet another brand for top-quality infant and baby footwear. Following the motive of fewer ties and more comfort, this brand provides minimalist and classic style shoes. This pick from BMCiTYBM incorporates a lace-less style with a socklike upper. The top of the boots is well-thought to provide maximum comfort for any activity.

The upper of these shoes comes from the fly knit that allows for maximum breathability. This top where makes for asocklike fit also provides complete ventilation to the chubby little feet. The stretchy knit collar further hugs the feet that wrap around the ankle of fatty feet. So your kids’ feet will remain cool and dry during the day.

The inside of these shoes is pillow-soft with plush cushioning. Furthermore, these shoes incorporate an easy pull on and off design thanks to its stretchy knit collar. The outsole of these shoes is also super-grippy with the sensory pods beneath. Your kid can quickly learn to balance their body with these soft rubber spikes as they make for perfect slip-resistance.

The anti-collision toe cap is yet another feature for kids’ safety. These hoes being available in different color and design options make them ideal wide shoes for toddler boys and girls. So get your hands on these intricately designed shoes for chubby little feet.

  • Socklike fit
  • Easy pull-on design
  • Breathable
  • Easy cleaning
  • Slip-resistant
  • Different color options
  • Get a size bigger for chubby feet

7. Royal Victory Toddler Baby Boys Girls Shoes Royal Victory Toddler Shoes 

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Our final pick is from RVROVIC. These royal victory shoes can be perfectly comfortable first-walkers for your baby. The shoes for babies with wide feet showcases cute designs and colors that will be irresistible to get. The PU leather construction with contrasting color overlays and stitching details add to the look of these shoes.

This Royal Victory PU leather is also known for its softness and breathability. Your kid will remain content all day in these shoes. Further, the design of these shoes comprises easy on and off the design. The adjustable strap at the vamp makes them comfortable to wear shoes. Also, it says on the feet of a child all day.

These crib shoes come with a super flexible sole, which motivates your kid to take the little steps easily. Also, this sole provides proper slip-resistance for the shaky short legs on any surface. The super lightweight if shoes make for walking on cloud experience for the baby.

These shoes have a design that can suit any occasion or costume. It does not matter whether you buy it for indoors, outdoors, birthdays, or crawling or walking; these shoes will make a perfect fit. Available in various colors and designs, these extra-wide toddler shoes will be your kid’s best friend.

  • PU leather top makes them durable
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Velcro strap for a snug fit
  • Non-slip sole
  • Fully cushioned
  • Not suitable for walking baby


getting the perfect size shoes for the baby is trouble, and it gets even double when you have a baby with fat feet. For this reason, we brought to you these best shoes for baby with wide feet guide. You can refer to this guide to find the perfect match for the baby.

The winner of our guide is BMCiYTBM shoes. These shoes offer maximum comfort and socklike fit for the vast and fat feet of the baby. These shoes are also durable enough to last long. Although, we have other selections too for your baby’s chubby feet. You can refer to them and get the best matching for you. Happy parenting to you!

Baby With Wide Feet FAQs

1. How much room should Toddler Shoes have?

The child’s feet grow rapidly and fastly. It is vital to get a little more oversized shoes to have proper space inside to move the feet. It is recommended in general to get 1-1.5 cm space for the growth in the new shoes.

2. Which brand of the trainer is best for wide feet?

A new balance is a brand that comes with top-quality trainers. The New Balance shoes are well-thought and well-engineered to accommodate the feet correctly. All the new balance shoes are perfect for wide feet.

3. Are Nike shoes wider than Adidas?

Adidas comes with theactual size of the shoes. In contrast, Nike shoes come to a half size smaller in shoes. So it is recommended that you should go for an upsize when getting the Nike shoes.

4. Is it wrong for toddlers to wear shoes that are too big?

More oversized shoes will not provide comfort for the baby. If your baby is starting to walk, the more oversized size shoes will make it difficult for them to walk in. such shoes will increase tripping and dripping chances. The boots with a bigger size will make the unbalanced body, implying that the baby will not have a grip on the floor.

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