Top 7 Best Shoes for Chubby Baby Feet in 2021 – [Reviews & Guide]

Having a bay asks for the care of everything of the baby. So you have to find the perfect fit Best Shoes for Chubby Baby Feet for the babies. If your baby has narrow feet, thank God as you are lucky to have one. Having a baby with chubby and wide feet makes it a whole lot of trouble for you to get the perfect comfort shoes.

So if you have a baby with wide fat feet, we bring together this guide for you. We came up with the seven best choices for chubby feet. After a lot of research on the internet and under expert supervision, we selected these shoes. So you can go for his best shoes for chubby baby feet guide and get the perfect pick for the baby.

Best Shoes for Chubby Baby Feet – Buyer Guide

Before moving towards the guide, we suggest looking for some of the following features for comfortable shoes.

1. Comfort

for the babies, comfort is the utmost requirement for any product. So the shoes for the chubby feet should accommodate the feet comfortably. We recommend here to get a size bigger for the chubby feet.

2. Flexibility

the babies may struggle with transiting from pre-walker to walker. So the shies that are flexible enough will provide for easy soft form pre-walkers to walkers. The flexible rubber outsole will work for flexibility.

3. Easy slip-on

the slip-on design of the shoes is another requirement for chubby feet. If the shoes have a closed structure, it will trouble the kid getting on and off the shoes. The Velcro strap at midfootor the elastic top will work for the perfect fit.

4. Traction

to prevent shaky little feet, the shoes should provide maximum traction both indoors and outdoors. So the shies with textured soles will work for that.

You might have got the idea to get the best shoes for chubby feet baby by now. So let’s get down to our list.

1. ikiki Squeaky Shoes for Toddlers with On/Off Squeaker Switchikiki Squeaky Shoes for Toddlers

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Our first pick for the best shoes for chubby baby feet are ikiki squeaky shoes for a toddler. These shoes are so cute and adorable that you will fall in love with its adoration. The cute little character eyes at the toe part make them attractive looking. You will be getting a great combo of cuteness and comfort in these first steppers of your baby.

Firstly these shoes have squeak sounds that will keep you keep motivated enough to take the first steps. Though if the squeaks irritate, you can turn them off too with the side button. These shoes can perfectly accommodate both fat and narrow feet.  The Velcro strap at the midfoot makes for a snug fit for chubby feet.

These shoes are so comfortable with the soft sole, which make for the heel to toe flexibility. You can conveniently move your kid from pre-walkers to these walkers. The breathable top of these shoes, yet another feature makes for comfort. Talking of comfort, you will be getting maximum comfort with its full padding on the inside.

The design of these shoes makes for easy gliding in and out of the boots. Furthermore, these shoes have textured outsole, which allows for the grip on the ground. When you buy these, you will see plenty of colour and design choices to select from your baby. So don’t wait and get these squeaky shoes foran extra-wide baby shoe choice.

Small-sized shoes are designed to fit a child’s foot with a weight of about 3-3 ½ lbs. Toddler Shoes for toddlers will fit a child’s foot from 9-12 months. Size 2 is only for early walkers with the weight of 20 lbs or higher, size 1 is only for young children with walking skills of 5-15 months. ikiki Squeaky Shoes for toddlers with switch ON/OFF squeaker can be worn on a walker, stroller, vehicle seat or

  • Cute fun character design of the shoes
  • Perfect for both narrow and wide feet babies
  • Adjustable midfoot Velcro strap
  • Different colour and design choices
  • Squeaks turn off and on
  • Good customer support services
  • Not suitable for sand or beaches as it will ruin the squeaks

2. OAISNIT Baby Toddler First WalkersOAISNIT Baby Toddler First Walkers

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our second pick is from OAISNIT Baby. It is a brand known for producing comfortable and adorable shoes for kids of all ages. These shoes can correctly make for the baby’s first walkers. These shoes showcase top-notch comfort and minimalist look keeping content of the chubby feet at max. The contrasting color upper of these shoes make for a sleek and modern look.

The first feature to rank these shoes as the best shoes for baby with chubby feet is their dual Velcro strap at the midfoot. You can pull the tongue with Velcro straps to quick sliding in and out of the shoes. These shoes are super comfortable to put on/off that even kids can wear them by themselves. The top of the boots consists of high-quality cotton, which allows the feet to breathe and grow.

Furthermore, the breathable cotton lining at inside of these shoes provides sweat-free all-day fun. While providing maximum comfort on the inside, these shoes make for the perfect grip on the outside. Its well-thought design if the shoes make for skid-free walking. The toe stumbles at the front of these shoes reduce the chances f stumbles and fall, which is why they can make perfect first walkers.

As first walkers are supposed to be lightweight, these shoes, too, come with an ultra-lightweight that does not weigh those chubby little feet down. These shoes are the best shoes for chubby baby feet, which offer comfort, breathability, looks, convenient slip-on design, and maximum padding. So get these first walkers for chubby feet and see your kid walking comfortably.

These comfortable and adorable first walkers are designed to protect your little ones’ feet. Soft, smooth, and lightweight, it features a soft tread and lightweight rubber sole for greater safety. It is also equipped with an anti-collision toe cap, anti-skid sole, and breathable lining to protect against irritation.

  • Contrastcolour breathable top
  • Comfortable with complete breathable lining
  • Easy wear design
  • Washable
  • Anti-collision and anti-slip outsole
  • Measure the feet carefully before ordering as it runs large to size

3. BMCiTYBM Baby Shoes Girl Boy Breathable Mesh Sneakers
BMCiTYBM Baby Shoes Girl

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Next, we have BMCiTYBM Baby Shoes. By the looks of these shoes, you can see that these shoes are super comfortable and easily accommodates chubby feet. Firstly, the utterly breathable top of these shoes is irresistible with adoring colours. Your baby’s feet remain sweat-free no matter how long he/she wears it.

Next, you will see that these shoes provide complete cushioning with its light memory foam footbed on the inside. Your new-to-shoes baby can quickly wear them for its feather-light weight. Furthermore, the outsole of these shoes comes with coral grip patterns. These patterns make for the perfect grip over the slippery floors.

Best Shoes for Chubby Baby Feet provide maximum protection against stumbles and fall with its helmet-toe cap. This toe-cap will eventually reduce the stumbles and falls for the new walking babies. To accommodate the fat feet of the baby, you want the shoes with easy on and off. For this purpose, these come with a hook and loop closure to hug the fat feet.

You can head to the beaches or water splashes worry-free as these shoes are water-friendly and quick drying. On the inside, these shoes contain a textile lining that dries quickly. So without irritating your baby, you can go for water fun in these shoes. And lastly, these shoes are unisex as they are available in a different colour so that you can choose one according to gender.

A comfortable and lightweight pair of sneakers, these sneakers are breathable and slip resistant. The breathable mesh upper can be worn in the spring, fall, and winter months to keep your child’s feet dry. The soft rubber spikes help prevent your child from slipping and providing a comfortable fit. Keep a pair of these sneakers to give your child that extra bit of protection from the elements.


  • Completely breathable
  • Easy slip-on design with hook and loop closure
  • Quick-drying lining
  • Full grip from the outsole
  • Toe cap reduces stumbles
  • Different colour assortments available
  • May not suit thin feet

4. DEBAIJIA First-Walking TrainersDEBAIJIA First Walking Trainers

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DEBAIJIA First-Walking Trainers is made of high quality material, durable, and provides protection from rough surfaces and dirty floors.The makings of the sole is TPR material with good flexibility and elasticity. The makings of the sole is TPR material with good flexibility and elasticity. The leather shoe design with alluring color, great for students, office workers, fitness enthusiasts, or just simply for fashion purposes.

it gets difficult to upgrade your baby from socks to shoes. But these DEBAIJIA shoes are the best first shoes for walking a baby with chubby feet. These shoes come with a sock-like top, which comprises a mesh material. Your kid will feel relaxed in these shoes all day with its snug fit top.

The top of these Best Shoes for Chubby Baby Feet claims to protect from getting dirt and debris inside, thanks to its high quality. The sock-like top also makes for a breathable feel all day and ranks them perfect shoes for toddlers with thick feet. At the bottom of these shoes, you will get the TPR sole. This sole makes for the heel to toe flexibility. Your kid will stay comfortable with its flexibility and elasticity.

Furthermore, the sole of these shoes is textured to provide a good grip on the floor. Your kid will get maximum protection against falls and stumbles with its toe cap and grippy outsole. The lightweight of the shoes is yet another feature that is accountable for the kid’s maximum comfort. Your kid will walk around easily with thesesock-like shoes.

The design f these shoes offers easy to put on and take off. The classic yet contemporary looks of these will present your kids fashionably. Also, you can easily slide their feet with their pull-loop at the knee collar. These shoes can be the best gift for any toddler. And last but not least, you will get multiple colours and design choices from these jazzy shoes.

  • Stretchable and breathable mesh top
  • Easy slip-on design provides a sock-like fit
  • lightweight
  • grippy outsole and Toecap reduces stumbles
  • flexible
  • Different colour assortments available
  • slips off of the feet after sometime

5. Saucony Kids’ Baby Jazz Lite SneakerSaucony Kids Baby Jazz Lite Sneaker

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SauconyKids‘ baby sneakers are our next selection for the best baby shoes for wide chubby feet. These shoes come with all the kit and caboodle for the chubby feet baby shoes. The nylon upper with the suede overlays makes for a sporty look and comfort all day. Your kid will stay relaxed with its maximum breathability.

The Saucony Kids’ Baby Jazz Lite Sneaker is made for kids and is lightweight and flexible. With a clean design, it features a synthetic sole for lightweight durability and comfort. The Saucony Kids’ Baby Jazz Lite Sneaker is great for everyday wear.

The top of these showcases the lacey stretch top and alternative Velcro strap, perfect for fat feet. These shoes will hug your baby’s chubby feet with these features of shoes. Your kid can quickly put on and off these shoes with its slip-on design. The vast and high instep of the baby will stay relaxed and content in these shoes all day.

Furthermore Best Shoes for Chubby Baby Feet , these shoes have maximum cushioning that will provide walking on the shoes’ cloud experience. The EVA midsole provides a lightweight and maximum cushioning for the little feet. The non-marking outsole and toe cap can counts for the perfect grip to guarantee minimum stumbles and falls.

Another great feature of these shoes is that besides being breathable, they come with the lining’s antimicrobial treatment. That will eventually cause the risk of having smelly feet. These shoes comprise of durable material all over, which will make them last longer than you expect. In short, these shoe house grate features, which mark the same new balance extra wide toddler shoes.

  • sporty looks with midfoot strap and laces
  • durable and lightweight construction
  • no marking outsole
  • antimicrobial treatment lining
  • breathable
  • runs narrow to size

6. Felix & Flora Soft Sole Leather Baby ShoesFelix Flora Leather Baby Shoes

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If you are looking for toddler shoes for wide thick feet girls, then go for these Felix and Flora soft sole shoes. These shoes are adorable looking crib shoes that comprise the microfiber leather top. This top with trendy color adds to the looks of the fat baby shoes. These shoes will hug the feet of your chubby baby.

These soft sole baby shoes are so cute and comfortable to wear. They are made of Italian leather, so they are soft and light, which will not cause any harm to baby’s feet. They have a rubber sole, which is very safe for babies’ bare feet, and it will keep the feet dry and clean. Also the cute design of Flora and Felix logo on the front with pink flowers will make your kids feel very happy.

Not only looks these shoes offer maximum comfort too, like stride rite walking shoes. With these shoes, you will be getting sponging edges. This padding will make for a seamless and comfortable walking experience. Furthermore, these shoes are super-light to make for the airy feel from the boots. Your kids will not irritate by these shoes with comfort and feather lightweight.

The design of these shoes is easy on and off with hook and loop closure. These shoes will stay on the feet of the baby all day without disturbing them. These shoes are breathable enough to provide coolness all day without getting sweats. These crib shoes can suit your baby’s occasion costume no matter if you buy it for Easter, birthday, or daily wear.

The complete flexibility of these shoes from heel to toe moulds to the shape of the feet. If you look at the bottom of these shoes, you will see that the sole offers a good grip over the slipping floors. These shoes from America offer different colour choices for your baby girl so that you can choose one according to your desires.

  • classic look with leather top
  • lightweight construction
  • grippy outsole
  • adjustable hook and loop strap
  • Shoes stink

7. SAYOYO Toddler ShoesSAYOYO Toddler Shoes

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SAYOYO is a brand that is all about quality. These shoes are made with the same materials used in professional soccer and other sports. They are designed to allow little feet to grow and move without being constricted. The flexible leathers allow the tall shoes to bend in all directions for added comfort. SIZE & COLOR: One size fits most

our final selection for the best shoes for baby with wide chubby feet is SAYOYO toddler shoes. These shoes are super soft from top to bottom and provide a perfect fit for the fat little feet. These shoes can be perfect or newborns to toddlers intheir variety of sizes.

If we talk about these shoes’ construction, they comprise 100 percent genuine cow leather top and bottom. These shoes are super light and super soft for the little feet. Your baby will have experience of walking barefoot in these shoes. The elastic band all around the knee collar makes for a snug fit of the shoes.

This ankle elastic makes for the easy on and off of the shoe.  Even your baby cannot pull these shoes off of the feet. These shoes’ minimalist and classic look will render these shoes perfect for any outfit or daily wear. For maximum comfort all day, these offer maximum breathability.

These best Shoes for Chubby Baby Feet are super flexible owing to its genuine leather top to bottom. It will mould to the shape of the feet while providing maximum durability. If you plan to buy these shoes, we recommend buying it a size larger than your baby’s feet as the feet will grow in these shoes. So don’t wait and grab these pre-walker shoes.

  • Genuine cow leather top and sole
  • Ultra-lightweight construction
  • Snug fit with elastic ankle design
  • Super comfortable
  • Slip-resistant suede outsole
  • May not help as walking toddler


Getting the shoes for the chubby feet baby is a whole lot of trouble. You might feel unsatisfied with your selection of shoes for fat baby feet. For this purpose, we brought to you this guide of the best shoes for chubby baby feet. You can stress-freely go for our guide and select the best shoes for your baby.

If we have to select one pick from our guide, we will say that DEBAIJIA First-Walking Trainers are perfect among all. These shoes offer a sock-like fit for the babies and keeps the comfort at max with its breathability and cushioning. However, we have the selections too for you. So go over our guide get the best one for your kiddy. Happy parenting to you!

Chubby Baby Feet FAQs

1. Why are babies feet fat?

Baby feet are different than adult feet. The shape of their feet is short and wide and also they have taper feet towards the heel. Mostly the babies are born with flat feet with no arch. This is because their angle is not created just yet, and for that, the fat layer protects their feet.

2. How much do babies’ feet grow per month?

The age of one to three is when the baby grows feet as much as 1.5mm in length per month. After that, between the ages of three to six, the kid’s feet will grow up to 1 mm per month on an average scale. After that, the kids can grow feet little less than 1 mm each month between the ages of six to ten.

3. When should I start putting shoes on my baby?

When the kids start walking, initially, he/she need to confirm that they can balance themselves. It is recommended to look for the signs that your baby is going to go for shoes. The age of 7 to 18 months is when you can guess whether they are ready for the boots.

4. How do I know the feet size of my baby?

To measure the baby’s shoe size, the baby feet on paper and mark a line from the biggest toe to heel of both feet. Then measure the length in centimeters or inches when buying shoes; refer to the size chart and find the perfect size for your baby. When buying shoes, measure both feet separately and buy accordingly.

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