Top 7 Best Shoes For Painters in 2021 – [Reviews & Guide]

Painters have a tough job to cope with daily. They climb on ladders, work on roof tops, color different high walls, and tall buildings. During the painting job, they don’t know where the job might take them. For this purpose, they need proper equipement for helping them. Besides, the equipment is the shoes that will hold their back for the rough and tough job.

Today different choices are available on the market and online for painter’s work shoes. At times it gets tough to find the perfect pick for yourself. So, for this reason, we searched for hours to find the best shoes for painters. Every selection that we have in our guide offers maximum protection and safety from accidental hazards. So go for this guide and select the best one for yourself.

Best Shoes For Painters – Buyer Guide

Before going towards the guide, you must keep in mind a few critical considerations before going for the perfect painters’ shoes.

1. Slip-resistance

as painters have to work in an environment where there will be paint and chemical spills, they need shoes that offer good resistance against paints and spills.

2. Shock absorption

painters have to climb ladders and work on different sites, so the shoes that offer shock absorption to minimize their body weight impact are necessary.

3. Comfort

how come will anyone work if their feet are not at ease. For this, painters require shoes that offer maximum breathability and cushioning for the convenience of the shoes. The shoe that has breathable lining and cushioning will work for that purpose.

4. Water-proof top

the genuine leather top will work for paint and water resistance. You can wipe clean the shoes with such a shelter. So for painters work shoes, go for the one with a water-proof top.

5. Electric resistance

the shoes that have a sturdy sole to withstand electric shocks is a must, as painters don’t know where the job might take them.

So these was some of the must-haves for the best shoes for painters. Now, let’s move toward our selection.

7 Best Shoes For Painters in 2021

ProductsMaterial TypeFoot TypeCheck Price
Thorogood Men's American Heritage
LeatherComfort cushion
LeatherHigh Arch
Carhartt Men's 6
LeatherArch Supportive
Timberland PRO Men's
Georgia Giant Men’s
Timberland PRO Men's
LeatherAll-day support
leather+COOLMAXSafety working

1. Thorogood Men’s American Heritage 6″ Moc ToeThorogood Mens American Heritage

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our first shoes for the painters come from Thorogood that are men’s American heritage moc toe shoes. These shoes are crafted In the USA and comprise 100 percent genuine leather. Depicting the mocassintoe style at the top and the wedgy sole at the bottom, these ankle-length work boots can make the best buddy for the painting works.

The Thorogoodmoc toe shoes have a Single-density polyurethane material for the bottom part. As for the painters, the slip-resistant and oil-resistant outsole is a must, so these shoes with its outsole make for maximum grip.You will stay safe from electric hazards, too, as they are tested to barricade the electric shock up to 18000 volts for one minute. So you can work perfectly okay in these shoes.

Furthermore, this shoe top comes with maximum comfort on the inside. The cotton drill vamp lining of these shoes offer sweat-free and coll working in these shoes. Furthermore, the insole of these shoes has outstanding features too. They have Removable Dual Density Ultimate Shock Absorbing Footbed on Poron 4000 Comfort Cushion.

The insole of these shoes says that it can absorb shocks and disperses the effect while complete cushioning of the bottom makes for the shoes’ comfort. The rugged metal eyelets and clamshell lacing along with the oil-tanned leather top of these shoes make for a vintage look for the work shoes. You will stay trendy and content both at the same time in these best work shoes for painters.

  • Classic look with 100 percent leather top
  • Breathable shoes lining
  • Removable insole
  • Safe work shoes with Slip-resistance, oil-resistances and electric shock-resistance
  • Cushioning wedge sole
  • Different colour choices
  • expensive

2. EVER BOOTS “Tank Men’s Work Boots

EVER BOOTS Mens Work Boots

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coming up next is the Ever boots’ TANK work boots. The “TANK” work boot is made with luxurious 2.0MM Nubuck leather to have a comfortable fit and longevity. Each pair is made with an insulated mesh lining that holds your foot cool and cozy, even during the most challengingworkdays. With Goodyear Welt, these shoes are built to deliver an inexpensive and durable all-around boot with the most rigid build.

Furthermore, these work shoes’ steel shanks support the boot’s arch and are proven to relieve stress when moving down the stairs or ladders. Besides, When running on slick and rough ground, our signature tank tread pattern provides reliable traction. You will stay slip and slide-free in these work shoes.

Breaking into new work shoes is difficult, but the agony of fitting into a new pair of work boots is stripped away by soft nubuck leathers. Also, the convenient speed-hooks make putting on or taking off the boot fast. Oil-resistant properties improve the boot’s longevity and eliminate oil deterrent. So this combined with strong stitch quality will make for a long-lasting pair of work shoes.

The rubber soles offer long-lasting comfort during the day that will keep you working. Furthermore, the comfortablecushioning of the insole makes for maximum comfort from the bottom. You can also remove the insoles as per your desire. The great thing is that if you get these shoes, you will get a 3-month check warranty.

  • durable shoe construction
  • removable insoles
  • slip resistance outsole
  • the reasonable price given its features
  • shock-absorbing steel shank support
  • soft and light on feet
  • Leaves scuff marks on decking and flooring

3. Carhartt Men’s 6-Inch Work Boot

Carhartt Mens Work Boot

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Our next pick for best shoes for house painters are Carhartt men’s 6-inch work botos. Carhartt is the brand that provides perfect footwear for the painter for more than a decade now. The top of these shoes comes with 100 percent leather material, which helps protect your feet from accidental spills. Water-resistance is the best thing considered for painter’s shoes.

The rubber outsole of these shoes also offers a good grip on any surface while working on thebuilding’s top. Furthermore, for maximum comfort, these shoes showcase soft lining.Your feet will remain sweat-free all day. Besides that, this lining will make for a gentle interaction between feet and the boots;that is, your feet will stay away from blisters.

The oil-tanned leather top of these shoes is one reason that I prefer these shoes. These painters boot coversthe feet while protecting your feet from water and paint spills perfectly. You can wipe clean the water or paint from these shoes. Furthermore, this top construction also guarantees that your feet remain safe from the falling object on painting sites.

And lastly, the lace-up designof these shoes makes for a comfortable fit of the shoes. Talking of its insole, you can remove the insole for custom orthotics. Though, the insole and midsole of the boots are well-thought for shock-absorbing. Available in two colours: a black and tan color, these shoes can make the best shoes to wear when painting.

  • Water and spill resistance
  • Grip from the outsole
  • Removable insoles
  • Stitched bottom for the longevity of the shoes
  • Electric hazard safe
  • Fast-drying lining
  • Not durable
  • Heavy shoes

4. Danner Men’s Vicious Work Boot

Danner Mens Vicious Work Boot

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Danner Men’s vicious work boots are our next selection for the best shoes for painters. Showcasing a 100 percent leather top with different overlays, these shoes are safe from oil and water spills. These shoes look owing to its leather top, and other overlays stitching make for stylish looks of the work shoes while also providing a long-lasting construction.

Furthermore, the GIRE_TEX lining the inside of these shoes make for maximum breathability. Your feet will remain sweat-free and relaxed while you paint the buildings. The abrasion resistance heel cap of these is another great thing for painters. These shoes are also wide enough to hold your feet relaxed while providing room for the feet to move.

The dual-density EVA cushioning of these shoes make for a walking on cloud experience while you walk. On the other hand, the shock-absorbing midsole offers extra durability on the outer edges. You will be getting full shock absorption cushioning with PU footbed cushioning. The non-metallic safety toe is another safety feature that meets the standard of ASTM.

The outsole of these shoes comes with full gripover slippery surfaces. You will be having maximum traction for both indoor and outdoor with the low profile 90 heels. So getting hands on these shoes, you will be getting a long-lasting pair that offers comfort and maximum protection.

  • Genuine leather top with stitching details make for longevity
  • Water and spill resistance
  • Slip resistance and shock absorptions
  • Comfortable with breathable lining
  • Meets safety standards
  • Not very durable
  • Expensive

5. Georgia Giant Men’s Romeo Slip-On Work Shoe

Georgia Giant Mens Work Shoe

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our next pick is the Georgia slip-on work shoes. Incorporating a minimalist look with no lacey vamp,these slip-on shoes are my next favorite for best safety shoes. These shoes make for higher performance while providing maximum comfort all day long. The full-grain leather upper of these shoes offers durable and classic construction.

This slip-on comes with nylon panels on each side to make for flexibility and easy sliding in shoes. Furthermore, the two nylon pull loops will also help for easy putting on and off the shoes. The higher-performing textile lining at the inside of these shoes makes for extra breathability. Your feet will stay sweat-free and cool all day.

Owing to its Goodyear welt construction, you will bet getting a long-lasting companionship with these shoes. The insole cushioning on an EVA midsole of these work shoes provides underfoot support, comfort, and shock absorption. No matter where the work might take you, these shoes will give maximum support and comfort.

The oil resistance rubber bump guard at the front makes them professional painter shoes. Furthermore, the oil and slip-resistant crepe wedge outsole with added arch support provide these shoes’ best performance. Inshort, these shoe slip-on shoes with no cluttered details offer maximum comfort and support for the painting job.

  • Full-grain leather top with an easy slip-on design
  • Oli and spill resistance
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Grippy outsole
  • The wedge shape of the outsole provide support
  • Not for wide feet

6. Timberland PRO Men’s Boondock 6″ Toe Waterproof Shoe

Timberland PRO Waterproof Shoe

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The  Timberland Pro Pit boot may be the essential choice for you to get underway this year as if you are searching for advanced painter shoes. This Timberland Pro Pit provides painters with all the gripping force they need to stay safe and productive with the rubber sole.

The full-grain leather means the feet of the painter are adequately covered against drops of liquids or paint. 100% leather also plays a crucial role in guaranteeing that the painter’s feet are well shielded from dropping things or water. The Timberland Pro has added a steel toe design, rendering it an all-duty paint shoe available on the market.

The supply of rubber sole has enabled the lightweight design of this Timberland Pro possible. Quality polyurethane layers are featuring on the lower side of the insole To complement the padding solution provided by the padded neck. When standing on rooftops or climbing ladders, the dual-density outsole layout also keeps track of all the shock produced.

To guarantee that this Timberland Pro remains on the painter’s feet all day long, an excellent lace-up pattern was used. You can rely on these painters to wear shoes for maximum security against spills and drops while providing comfort on the inside. These shoes are not white painters’ shoes butare compliant with the painter’s white jacket so that the painter will remain trendy.

  • Water-resistance top
  • Slip-resistance and shock absorption
  • Trendy look with full-grain leather top
  • Comfortable cushioning
  • Anti-fatigue technology
  • Composite safety toe
  • Runs large to size
  • expensive

7. ROCKROOSTER Work Boots for Men

ROCKROOSTER Work Boots for Men

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the ROCKROOSTR work shoes combine both functionality and durability by comprising the formal full-grain leather top.These are fitted with an antistatic PU outsole of long-lasting dual-density, which has adequate slip resistance and provides good support for shock absorption.

These job boots are made with the Goodyear welt and are robust enough to stand up to the rigger of backbreaking work. These breathable work boots, even designed with COOLMAX fibertechnology, that can move sweat away from your foot, so they remain clean and comfortable. These  Electrical hazard protection working boots can shield from unintended touch with electrical charge by providing extra resistance from the floor.

Since these lace-up shoes made of genuine thick leather are pretty solid and water-proof, your feet will remain dry when you work.A double-density, shock-absorbing PU footbed fits with these light men’s work boots that will cushion your feet and encourage more excellent blood circulation to minimize fatigue.

The casual men’s work boots provide a broad shape design to match your feet and make sure that any forefoot discomfort will not occur; the padded cuff will give you lots of ankle protection, and you’ll never be tight on the heel. It seems like to get that maximum comfort, and this safety boot would require a limited break-in time. You can mark them as the best shoes for car painters too.

  • maximum protection from drop and spills
  • electric hazard safety
  • shock-absorption and traction from the sole
  • comfortablecushioning
  • requires minimum time to break-in
  • puncture resistance
  • none


By now, you might have got the idea that what are the best shoes for house painters? We carefully examined every pair of work shoes to mark the best for your painting job. All the picks that we have here have some top-notch protection features combined with comfort.

All the picks of our provide resistance against spills of paint and water and drops of heavy objects. The winner of our guide is ROCKROOSTER work shoes. It comes with some top-notch features like electric hazard protection, spills and drops free, breathability, and full grip on the outsole that too with no cons. So go for our guide and get the best shoes for painters.

Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Will spray paint crack on shoes?

Spraying paint to change the look of the shoes is a time-consuming process. If you rush to do so, the painted shoes will result in cracking or flaking.  The tip to do it nicely is that stuff the toes of the boots with papers or clothes to form a smooth surface. When you apply the coating, leave them for an hour more to air dry, and after that, remove the masking tapes off and let them sit for 24 hours for a crack-free layer.

2. How do I prep my shoes for painting?

If you want to a color splash to the shoes, get the masking tape and spray paint of different colors. Get your shoes to remove all the dirt and mud properly to prep the shoes. After that, cover the areas that you do not want to get colors with masking tape. Remember, the masking tape quality does matter. So get the good quality tape.

3. What is the best spray paint for shoes?

Different choices suit the leather novel ad synthetics material that arrives in aerosol for easy use. However, both reasonable and fair paint is Brillo’s spray paint. They offer 52 different color assortments. Yet another top pic is Nu-life from Meltonian, but they do not have other color choices.

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