Top 5 Best Shoes for Pigeon Toed Adults in 2021 – [Reviews & Guide]

Intoeing can be uncomfortable for children; however, it can be corrected by providing the right shoes for babies. When the kid’s feet move inwards instead of pointing ahead, it occurs to be intoed feet. Typically, this develops as children start to walk. This article is all about Best Shoes for Pigeon Toed Adults.

In particular, children can be hereditary, or there can be no prior history in the family. Shoes can support the child’s walk, but in some kids, parent selection can be uncomfortable. This dilemma continues as the shinbone or the thighbone bends towards the inside. Intoeing can change, though, as children grow up.

It can be daunting to pick footwear for such a toddler that provides excellent support for their feet. New research has found that in 6 months, most children outgrow the disease.  But parents still need to find the ideal shoes as they want to suit the baby correctly.

So here we are with our selection of the best shoes for pigeon-toed toddlers. We did a lot of o research to find the ideal shoe choices for you. You can trust our pick and go with our guide.

Best Shoes for Pigeon Toed Adults —Buyer Guide

Children with intoeing feet have a particular need for shoes. So let us mention some of the necessary features for pigeon-toed toddlers.

1. Comfort

comfort is of utmost importance for the shoes. Shoes that come with breathable top construction are ideal for comfort. Next, the cushioning of the shoes will hold the baby’s feet serene. Additionally, the rubber sole with good padding will add up to the comfort of the boots.

2. Wide fit

As the pigeon-toed toddlers’ feet point inwards, buying the shoes for such toddlers looks for more space than usual shoes. The shoes that offer a complete fit will work well for intoeing toddlers.

3. Support

selecting the shoes for the pigeon-toed feet is difficult. You have to look for shoes that provide adequate support at specific parts of the feet. The boots ought to provide sufficient support at the front and heel of the shoes.

4. Stable

look for shoes that offer good stability for the feet. The shoes that are a bit light in weight will make for excellent stability. Furthermore, if the boots provide medical orthotics insertion, it will work too.

5. Traction

the non-marking outsole with different patterns will make for the maximum grip. So look for the one with complete beveling.

So this was some of the consideration for the pigeon-toed toddler feet. Now, let’s move to our guide of best shoes for pigeon Toed Adults.

5 Best Shoes for Pigeon Toed Adults in 2021

ProductsMaterial TypeFoot TypeCheck Price
Champion Gusto Cross Trainer
FabricArch support
JARLIF Kids Athletic
SyntheticAir cushioning
New Balance Women's 840 V4
Textile & SyntheticArch Supportive
Saucony Kids' Baby Jazz
SyntheticFlexible Sole
Stride Rite Made2Play
LeatherComfortable Sole

1. Champion Boys’ Toddler Gusto Cross TrainerChampion Boys Toddler Cross Trainer

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Are you in search of perfect shoes that hold the intoed feet serene and content? Then these champion gusto cross trainers are a considerable choice. These shoes come from a super-light construction of the breathable mesh. This top will provide maximum breathability to the little feet for all-day comfort. The combination upper will make for trendy looks.

Besides that, these shoes offer a wide fit, which makes them perfect for pigeon-toed toddlers. The tie-less lacey vamp with a Velcro strap at the midfoot will make for a snugly fit while providing max comfort. The fabric lining at the inside of the vamp will keep the moisture away from feet. The man-made material of these shoes will make for long-lasting performance.

To provide adequate plushness, these shoes come with full padding. This padding will conclude to walking on cloud experience for the pigeon-toed child. Furthermore, its construction carries a lightweight that will fulfill the requirement of the incoming little feet. The padded collar of these shoes will contribute to bruise-free walking.

Furthermore Best Shoes for Pigeon Toed Adults, to make for maximum traction, the non-marking outsole will contribute to it. The toe stumbler at the front of these shoes will provide collision-resistance for the toddlers. These shoes offer to its durable construction make for long-lasting use of the sneakers.

The memory foam insole of these shoes provides comfort, and the arch support of these shoes will make them perfect for high arches. These are available in three different colors. You can trust uswith this selection for lightweight construction, flexibility, cushioning, traction, and supportive soles and consider them the best shoes to correct pigeon-toed toddler.

  • Breathable mesh top
  • Trendy looks
  • Easy slip-on
  • Traction from the outsole
  • Provides a wide fit
  • Reasonable price
  • Velcro wears off soon

2. JARLIF Kids Athletic Tennis Running ShoesJARLIFNew Balance Womens Running Shoe Kids Athletic Tennis Running Shoes

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Our next pick comes from America; this JARLIF kids athletic shoes come with some top-notch features. The lightweight material construction of these shoes will provide a lighter feel on the feet. Sporting an athletic look, these shoes not only outperforms in comfort but also in visual appearance.

The MD outsole of these shoes is yet another reason for their lighter weight. Furthermore, this lightweight outsole will provide adequate flexibility and cushioning from the bottom. The elasticity and shock absorbing will be at max in these worth buying Best Shoes for Pigeon Toed Adults.

TheseJarlif shoes will release the excessive burden from the feet and provide a pleasant shock-absorbing walking experience. Owing to its one-piece fly knit woven top, these shes will provide maximum comfort, breathability, and lightness. The colorful top of these shoes will contribute to sporty looks and render them all okay for jogging, running, or playing sports.

Besides flexibility from the sole, these shoes’ air cushioning design will make perfect padding to protect the ankle better than others. The tie-less top with Velcro strap will make them an ideal fit for any foot. The cushioned tongue and collar of the shoes are yet another feature for the comfort of these shoes.

The outsole of these shoes come with good textures to provide slip-resistance on any terrain. The thickening of the heel will contribute to the excellent arch support for the pigeon-toes. These shoes will definitely be the best shoes for a pigeon-toed child owing to its lightweight, support, and maximum cushioning.

  • One-piece flyknit upper for lightweight and breathability
  • Full padding
  • Shockabsorbing PU sole
  • Slip-resistant outsole.
  • Trendy looks with easy on and off design
  • Tie-less vamp
  • Offers an excellent space to move
  • None

3. New Balance Women’s 840 V4 Running ShoeNew Balance Womens Running Shoe

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This shoe is geared for kids with a beautiful top and a smooth build without stitching. This Latest New Balance version’s performance and chic style will be enjoyed by pigeon-toed babies, which prevents any need for clumpy orthopedic insoles. The shaft of these shoes measures low top from arches, which make for excellent support for intoes.

The footbed includes an ABZORB heel cushioning application that increases the impact impedance abilities of the shoes. The full EVA Strobel midsole supports the kid’s feet, thighs, and calves from strain, making it suitable for children’s in-toeing situations.

Wherever the kid’s posture holds the most pressure, the sole suppresses stress and shock. The upper portion is composed of breathable mesh. This upper will contribute to the maximum comfort of the kids all day long. The logo detail further adds to the charm of this product embossed into the textile upper portion.

Although offering ankle protection, the collar is extensively cushioned for that extra comfortable feel. The tongue is padded and helps the toddlers’ feet with a snugger fit all day long. Furthermore, the Flat laces avoid pain and discomfort of the feet since they secure into spot.

The outsole of Best Shoes for Pigeon Toed Adults is finished with sturdy rubber that offers on-the-go runners with superior traction. In order to make for an even smoother heel-to-toe movement during the play, it would be both strong and elastic. The features of this pick from a new balance make for the best running shoes for pigeon-toed adults.

  • Breathable mesh top with full cushioning
  • Perfect for both narrow and wide feet
  • Seamless design with no-sew overlays
  • ABZORB midsole for shock-absorbing
  • Slip-resistance
  • Can provide custom orthotics support
  • Expensive

4. Saucony Kids’ Baby Jazz H&l-K SneakerSaucony Kids Baby Jazz Sneaker

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Saucony is a brand that offersthe best supportive footwear for children. This pick forSaucony is perfect shoes for toe walking children with its top-notch features. These shoes highlight the suede and mesh upper, which provides maximum comfort due to its breathability.

These low profile shoes from Saucony features iconic wavy overlays at the quarter panel, adding to these shoes’ look. The contrasting color details on the top and at the insoles of these shoes are just what you want for a trendy look. The velcro closure strap at the top of these will make it perfect for even the toddler’s wider feet.

As for the toes, they will provide adequate moving space for the feet. The cushioning at the collar of these shoes will make for the bruise-free comfort of the shoes. The lightweight construction of these shoes owes to the EVA midsole. Furthermore, this midsole makes for a complete restful experience for the feet while providing a nice bounce back.

The suede and mesh upper of these shoes will make for durable and long-lasting performance from the boots. The sock liner of these shoes also comes from a breathable material that is mesh. Your kid will cherish the maximum comfort and support from the low-top arch and breathable construction.

These Best Shoes for Pigeon Toed Adults are 100 percenthuman-made and make for the perfect support all-day long. Lastly, these shoes’ outsole comes with triangular lugs that make the boots maximum grip and flexibility. These are available in a wide color range to choose one according to your kids’ desire.

  • Wide Velcro strap makes for easy slip on and off
  • Wide fit for intoeing feet
  • Good support
  • Lightweight shoes
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Good grip to reduce stumbles and falls
  • Not very protective in terms of lightweight

5. Stride Rite Made2Play Toddler and Little Boys Athletic SneakerStride Rite Made2Play Toddler Sneaker

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If you are thinking now that what are the best stride rite shoes for a pigeon-toed toddler? Then your answer lies in this last pick of ours. These Best Shoes for Pigeon Toed Adults come in a sporty look and excellent support for eh intoeing feet. The mesh top with leather overlays makes for a breathable fit while providing maximum air permeability for the feet.

The tie-less elastic lace vamp and Velcro strap add to the convenience of putting on and off the shoes. The athletic look of the shoes coming in neutral and cool colors makes them perfect for any occasion. Furthermore, to reduce the odor of the shoes, it comprises an antimicrobial lining.

These Stride Rite shoes offer maximum comfort from the inside cushioning—the complete cushioning of these shoes with memory foam footbed makes for an excellent cozy fit. The arch support of these shoes will make for a feet hugging experience for the pigeon-toed toddlers.

You can see the proper textures which count for the ultimate grip and slip-resistance at the outsole of these shoes. Furthermore, the toe cap at the front of these shoes will reduce the stumble and fall while providing collision resistance. These shoes offer an excellent fit for the pigeon-toed children as they provide good room to move.

Furthermore, these shoes’ flexible sole will help the pigeon-toed children as they molds to the shape of feet. What’s more? These shoes ask for easy cleaning. You can simply wash-down them in the washing machine, and they will be clean like new shoes. So go for these corrective shoes for pigeon-toed toddlers from stride rite.

  • Stretchy lacey vamp for the perfect fit
  • Comfortable with complete cushioning
  • Breathable top
  • Odor-free lining
  • Easy cleaning
  • Rugged outsole for maximum grip
  • Not durable


If you have a pigeon-toed kid or toddler, they should have ample support shoes. But finding shoes for children who have pigeon toes is not an easy task. Expert recommends not to treat this condition lightly, or if the child will have to undergo a medical procedure in the long term.

Being parents, it is your job to make the best decisions from the start. You should get more advice from a specialist if you are unsure about having the right boots. In the same manner, measure your child’s feet scale appropriately when you buy a pair. Most kids can’t tell whether or not they’re wearing the right size; it’s your task to validate these details.

To help you buy the best shoes for a pigeon-toed toddler, we have put together this list. All of these shoes for in-toed feet carry a robust supporting design. The New Balance women 840 V4 Sneaker stand out of the list because of its customized insole insertions. For pigeon-toed feet, this will be the perfect pick.

Although you have other choices too, the Best Shoes for Pigeon Toed Adults, you can go for them also. In any case, happy parenting to you!

Pigeon Toed Adults FAQs

1. Do toddlers grow out of being pigeon-toed?

Yes, most toddlers grow out of pigeon toes at the age of 6-8 years. Many experts say that it is not something much to worry about as this condition can correct itself without any surgical procedure or specific treatments. Though, a supportive pair of shoes will help the kids to cope better with this condition.

2. Is being pigeon-toed a sign of athleticism?

The precise effect of being pigeon-toed on racing or athletic performance is impossible to describe or measure as this skill is affected by a wide range of other influences. Typically, that being said, pigeon-toed athletes have been viewed as much quicker or more potent than other sportspeople.

3. How do you fix pigeon toes in toddlers?

The pigeon-toes can usually fix themselves when your kid gets a maximum of eight years of age. But suppose the problem persists even after nine years of age. In that case, the doctor may recommend a pigeon toe correction brace, special shoes, or casts or recommend exercises for pigeon toe that are very effective for the kids in such situations. Usually, the doctor does not go for surgical procedures.

4. Is pigeon-toed a congenital disability?

Pigeon toe sometimes occurs or is caused by inherited genetic disorders in the womb, but nothing will alleviate it. No supportive footwear helps avoid pigeon toe, unlike common opinion, and no research indicates that starting to walk in bare feet would have any consequence on the disorder.

5. Can you fix pigeon-toed in adults?

Fortunately, most cases of pigeon toe gait are minor so that no treatment is necessary. Physical therapy can also be done on mild cases. Some say that learning ballet will correct a problem of mild intoeing because it causes the legs to bend in an outward position.

6. Is it bad to be pigeon-toed as an adult?

Though children usually outgrow being pigeon-toed, called in-toeing by doctors, the stance can persist or get worse in adulthood, often caused by a rotational twist in the tibia (shin bone) or a twist in the femur (thigh bone) as it connects to the hip. If the problem worsens, so might the person’s pain.

7. Can shoes fix pigeon-toed?

Pigeon toe often develops in the womb or due to genetic anomalies, so a person can do very little to prevent it. No evidence exists to support any type of shoe that claims to help prevent or, in most cases, treat pigeon toe or that learning to walk in bare feet can help redirect pigeon toes

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