Top 7 Best Shoes for Waitressing in 2021 [Reviews & Guide]

Waitressing is a fast-paced work that demands that we be light on our feet as well. Sometimes, it seems like you’re running at the end of the day with a ten-pound tray. Too many of us go home and after work get to soak our weary feet, but some aren’t even that fortunate.

Day after day, our feet take a lot of abuse and really help us do a great job, so it’s often safer to spend some money in high-quality, comfortable shoes instead of foot soaks that relieve the burden we put on our feet and let us continue to wear them after work.

As a waitress, it’s crucial that you wear the best shoes for waitressing. This will not only ensure you are relaxed, but it is also essential for protection as well. As it is also part of the job description to deal with spills and pours, wearing a shoe made for purpose can go a long way to ensure safety while at work.

What are the Best Shoes for Waitressing?

The best shoe for waitressing is one that allows you to handle your demanding job well, especially spending many hours on your feet serving several customers on a daily basis. Unlike when you wear badly fitting shoes that may only result in a frustrating experience, it will make your job easier.

In this article, we discuss all the best shoes for waitressing 2021.

Top 7 Best Shoes for Waitressing

For this post, we’ve selected the best of the best, hoping you can find the comfort you need that suits your budget as well. If these shoes do not suit your style, there’s a lot more to choose from on the market. Only make sure you read and do your homework on your reviews or you can end up sending them back.

You are at risk of suffering from weakened and painful feet and developing foot deformities if you don’t invest in the right waitressing shoes. That said, you need to find the right shoes so that the problems listed can be avoided and heel and arch pain can be minimized.

ProductsMaterial TypeFoot TypeCheck Price
Skechers Women's Safety Shoes
LeatherComfort sole
Merrell Women's Jungle Moc
Leather & SyntheticArch support
Skechers for Work Women's
LeatherArch Support
OOFOS Unisex OOCloog
leather and fabricSupport foot mobility
Crocs Unisex-Adult Bistro
SyntheticComfortable Sole
Laforst Rachel 7003
LeatherFully Comfortable
Skechers Work Mc Allen Slip-on
SyntheticAll Day Wearing

1. Skechers Work Sure Track

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If you have these authentic and special leather shoes in your hands, you will not want other shoes! Constructed with a rubber outsole that is slip-resistant, these shoes are designed to keep your feet comfortable and have a soft fabric collar to prevent odor and moisture. On the side, there are small perforated panels that enhance breathability and cooling effects. To provide better comfort and shock absorption, the midsoles are designed. They are perfect for indoor and outdoor working conditions, with genuine leather construction.

Many people who have worn this shoe report that foot swelling is prevented and that they have made it through 8-hour shifts without the usual aches and pains.

Even these best black waitress shoes have hidden vents to cool the side feet, which is a benefit for those of us struggling with foot conditions such as the foot of an athlete. As with the previous pair of Skechers labeled here, they are available in large sizes.

Memory foams that conform seamlessly to the shape of your feet offer ample cushioning and added comfort to the removable insoles. The outside sole of the rubber flex is extremely flexible and shock-absorbent. It is built to be slip-resistant, like the best work shoes, allowing you to walk and work comfortably all day without the possibility of slipping or falling. Overall, these are the best support shoes for waitressing.

  • Slip-on pattern for comfortable fit
  • Memory foam cushioning
  • Shock absorbent
  • Anti-slip
  • Available in wide sizes
  • No adequate support to wide feet

2. Merrell Women’s Jungle Moc Slip On

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Merrell is one of North America’s best-known shoe firms. Merrell’s Jungle Moc is designed specifically to provide extra support for the foot. After a crazy busy and active lifestyle, one will get the full relief from this shoe. This shoe pair is a great relaxed shoe to fit any casual wear.

If you like the concept of slip-on styling, this Merrell shoe is a perfect choice. With its waterproof leather top and robust stitching, this shoe is made to last. For optimum comfort, the high-quality midsole and lifted heel will pull you in. That’s what makes them better on longer shifts.

Safety features also exist that make this shoe a champion. Second, it has a sole that can stand on any board and is slip-resistant. Water-resistant leather also helps shield you from spills.

In line with the tradition of Merrell boots, the Jungle Moc is an extremely comfortable lifestyle shoe, featuring trail-ready elements that make it a lightweight pair that suits well on both city and rugged terrain. This shoe provides excellent durability, security from the heel, versatility, and comfort.

The style may be one of their few drawbacks-not everyone is a fan of looks. There are three colors, but for the restaurant setting, only black will probably fit. On the pricey hand, costs are a little high, but there is a range of sizes to choose from. But no doubt, it is the best nice shoes for waitressing.

  • Slip-on design
  • Waterproof leather
  • Durable
  • Slip-resistant
  • Available in three colors
  • High in price

3. Skechers Work Softie

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The Soft Stride is professional-looking footwear with a mix of style, comfort and rough attitude. You will enjoy this flexible work shoe from Skechers, whether you are a power commuter or spend a better portion of your day standing.

They just mean business, these Skechers, and that’s a good thing! These trendy running shoes ensure that when you’re at work, you’ll never slip, and you can wear the same shoes comfortably on days of rest. Although this specific style is black to match the regular restaurant outfits, offering either black or white, Skechers is a reputable company that often makes women’s shoes that can match your favorite clothes.

This shoe has more than just non-slip capabilities. These shoes are built for hard work and have some safety features that will protect your feet too. Your feet are secured by an integral steel toe cap, and the shoe is also designed to protect you from unintentional electrical contact. These best shoes for non-slip waitressing non-slip are suitable for any server operating in various venues and restaurants.

These best non slip shoes for waitressing are often come in plus sizes, which are often hard to find when looking for shoes made to last. A pair of these shoes will suit almost any restaurant outfit and will also be perfect for a day off just running errands. They are said to be very convenient for any budget and are affordable in price.

Overall, these are the best tennis shoes for waitressing.

  • Wide sizes available
  • Feels more like a tennis shoe than a work shoe
  • Robust and durable
  • Roomy toe box
  • Complaints of foot pain from arches
  • Very heavy

4. OOFOS Unisex Clog Shoe

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If you use OOFOS Unisex OOcloog Clog, the classic style will take you to the great comfort factor with OOFoam technology. An equal dose of vibrancy and single help will give you the cure for daily walking. Without failing a move, you can make your shift from work to play and back. You may finally wear a clog that is actually kind to your feet for working or for walking.

The impact of your steps is spread to the sides of the boots with the OOFoam material or technology, so you use less energy. OOFOS is built for the users with superior arch support, which in turn strengthens the muscles and joints in the knees, ankles, and back.

In these shoes, the supplier used a rubber sole. This rubber sole makes it more comfortable and durable for these shoes than most shoes.

In today’s age, it’s hard to find a shoe that doesn’t break down with repeated wear and doesn’t break the bank at the same time. OOFOS is made of closed-cell foam, ensuring that the substance of this shoe cannot be penetrated by anything. This closed-cell foam makes OOFOS footwear highly durable.

For daily walking, these shoes are like a cure and will give you an equal dose of vibrancy and sole support. Not only are OOFOS lightweight clogs, but machine washable clogs as well. However, these are the best shoes for waitressing.

  • Lightweight
  • Reducing soreness and tiredness
  • Comfortable
  • Machine washable
  • Durable
  • Anti-slippery
  • Feeling hot
  • Non-fashionable

5. Crocs Unisex-Adult Bistro Work Shoe

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You would need shoes that are both supportive and provide physical support against spills and dropping items if you are preparing food or at the bar. These work shoes are both reliable and comfortable to make them suitable for the service industry.

This Bistro Clog from Crocs is a perfect alternative for those who love summer shoes. It is difficult for comfort and takes a lot of “abuse”-at least, without wearing the treads down, it will last about a year. In reality, with waiters and waitresses in mind, this particular shoe was designed, which is why it was made so tough.

If you work at a restaurant with an outdoor bar or patio, this pair of shoes are also perfect. As you probably know, when you go back and forth to the kitchen and turn from indoors to outdoors, the pavement will easily wear the treads off your favorite pair of shoes, making them a threat.

For waiters, the shoes are often the finest since they are breathable. The shoes are easy to maintain, and with soap and a scrubber, you only need to clean them.

These Crocs are perfect for dealing with large seating arrangements in environments that take you back and forth to various floor textures and are affordably priced enough to purchase a few pairs to match the outfits you wear. These are the Best waitress shoes for plantar fasciitis.

  • Very affordable
  • Many styles and colors to choose from
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to slip-on
  • Not for outdoor
  • Design is not attractive

6. Laforst Rachel 7003 Womens Slip-on clog

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These shoes could be the perfect match if it’s necessary for you to have a bit of elegance in your everyday life.

Girls, are you looking for your job with cool and comfortable footwear? Then these Laforst Clog shoes, flat and slip-resistant, are the ones that will fit your needs. The water-resistance of these shoes is sufficient for restaurant or kitchen serving workers, and the rubber sole will also shield your feet from slipping.

If you want to stand out from the audience? You certainly want to try these Laforst ® clogs, which look more like a fancy slipper than they can act like a hardcore work shoe. These shoes come in three distinct floral styles, providing a change so many of us wear from day to day from the drab black or white work uniform.

Just because they look amazing doesn’t mean that they don’t have both shape and function. The authentic upper leather makes the shoe water-resistant, while the inner sole offers smooth, shock-absorbent support that even rivals the best pair of tennis shoes. These shoes are designed to be slip-proof and survive hours of everyday wear, made with the restaurant industry in mind.

These cute waitress shoes might be just the thing you need to make a great impression without compromising foot health, so if you’re looking for something a little different and stand out next time you get to work.

  • Memory Foam cushioned comfort insole
  • Offers cute floral styles
  • Not for narrow feet
  • Not durable

7. Skechers Work Mc Allen Slip-on

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The Skechers McAllen slip-on is an athletic shoe that provides an inexpensive package with the reliability and comfort of a high-priced shoe. It is a lightweight shoe that can be both trendy and casual to satisfy the requirements of your workplace.

The Slip-Resistant McAllen is an elegant shoe that comes with a fashionable and sturdy synthetic top for added comfort and breathability. It has two-sided elastic fabric panels for an easy fit. It also has a removable insole with memory foam to minimize pressure on your feet.

For a polished look, footwear features S-side branding, stitching accents, and reinforced stitched seams. These shoes are immune to water and stain, making them suitable for use in the kitchen. Plus, it has breathable mesh fabric panels with diamond designs to keep your feet dry and cool all day.

The fabric on top of the plastic is not only mesh. It also provides a light sense of freedom that you won’t get with heavier materials made from other shoes.

This could be your new work shoe if, after working all day, you are tired of getting sore feet. Hence, it is the best shoes for waitressing.

  • Incredibly slip-resistant
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to slip on
  • Economic and stylish
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight
  • Very thin


We understand how difficult it was to find a sturdy shoe that will also hold your feet and look fine. The review of the best shoes for waitressing above will help you learn more about how each shoe can suit your personality. We hope that you can find any kind of shoe you like! With restaurant workers in mind and shoes have been chosen, with a particular focus on those of us waiting for tables.

When serving drinks and food in different restaurants, we suggest wearing the Skechers Work Sure Track or the Crocs Unisex-Adult Bistro Work Shoe. Both shoes can help you prevent fractures, pain in the arch of the ankle, foot blisters, joint sprains, and low back pain shoes.

At the end of the day, just make sure it is comfortable and possibly won’t hurt your feet, no wonder what shoe you want to work on. There are lots of better shoes made for the fine work of restaurant waiters, waitresses, and restaurant workers.

Take your opportunity to consider out a few if you are not confident!

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