5 Best Tennis Shoes For Flat Feet In 2021 – [Guide & Reviews]

Playing tennis and being out in the Court is the thing loved by all, but it becomes a downer when it spoilt by something.

Luckily, if you have the best tennis shoes for flat feet and that is the correct footwear for you, then you are not going to face any difficulty while playing an excellent game.

If you have flat feet, then you can get in the way of your enjoyment. The pain that comes with them will not let you play a regular game.

Selecting the tennis shoes is not very difficult to go through every minor detail.  For example,

  • Affordability
  • Protection
  • Durability
  • Motion Control

And so on… The list never ends.

Running and playing tennis with flat feet increases the difficulty at least two fold.  Orthopaedic, the best tennis shoes for flat feet are not enough- they have decent as well as comfortable for you to help in playing tennis on your terms.

Many times cumbersome design and additional Weight comes with excellent protection. In contrast, lightweight shoes are without comfortable Cushioning that increases the risk of joint damage, and stiff sole with no proper tracking will decrease the motion control.

All of these are issues of concern, especially for the people who are suffering from any condition and have a risk of severe health damage.

Thus here are the best tennis shoes for flat feet, with cool features that will protect your feet and will provide essential comfort.

5 Best Tennis Shoes For Flat Feet Reviews 2021

If you’ve got flat feet, you probably have a bigger problem than the shoes you’re wearing. Here are five tennis shoes that can help you out.

ShoesWeight InchCheck Price
Prince T22 Shoe4 lbs5
Babolat Propulse BlastLight - Weight
NIKE Air Max CageLight - Weight
ASICS Gel-Game 6 12 oz0.7
ASICS Gel-Resolution 63 lbs 4.3

1. Prince Men’s T22 Tennis Shoe

Prince Mens T22 Tennis Shoe

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On the foundation of the T series performance, Prince T22 has been designed and built with the feel of T10. With additional features come improved ventilation, support, and maintained durability.

For forefoot: stability and excellent support, the TPU forefoot strap lock was introduced.

For the lateral movement: stability wYshbone TPU shank in injected to the shoes. A 6-month durability guarantee backed up by Prince for T22.

Upper: synthetic upper offers flexibility, comfort, and is breathable. Breathability is allowed by Mesh panels.

Midsole: to enhance comfort, SoftSpring PU forefoot inserts disperse shocks, and ShockEraser absorbs shock.

Outsole: for all surfaces, durable traction PRC 1000 durable outsole compound provided in the pattern of herringbone.

Colors: Silver/Navy/White

Prince men’s T22 Tennis Shoe has received many positive reviews from the customers. The very first thing that attracted the customers is the colors of the shoes. The colors are cool.

The tread patterns create a significant difference in the traction while playing in the Tennis Court. Along with the TPU Forefoot, the upper of the best tennis shoes for flat feet gives tight-fitting and comfort with locked-in feeling.

When it comes to ventilation, T22 is not a disappointment at all for the customers.  There is lots of mesh in the top box, both sides of the upper and tongue, which makes wearing and playing in these shoes very comfortable in summer.

  • Design and color: all the colors are perfect, and the design is also very eye-catching.
  • Price: the price is very affordable and reasonable
  • Support:  the shoes make the foot feel very supported and stable.
  • Ventilation:  the mesh in all the upper parts of the shoes including the toe box gives a lot of ventilation
  • Weight: the shoes feels heavier in the first time

Why Should I Buy This Shoe?

Prince T22 men’s the best tennis shoes for flat feet are one of the best running shoes for flat feet 2021 built on the foundation of the performance and the feel of worldwide proven T-series.

Additional mesh has increased the durability, support, and ventilation. The forefoot stability and excellence support are ensured by the TPU forefoot straps lock.  For stable lateral movements, wYshbone TPU injected. It comes with six months of durability guarantee.

2. Babolat Propulse Blast All Court Mens Tennis

Babolat Propulse Blast Mens Tennis

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The Propulse blast is going to help you in blasting your opponents off the tennis court. The Propulse line is designed for the future and engineered for maximizing the stability, comfort, and durability of the modern athlete.

Babolat propulse providing responsiveness, support, and cushion to the nine identified vital pressure points on foot, Babolat has used Kompressor technologies and Active Flexion.

The outsole has been made more resilient than the previous products by updating the sole to classic Michelin rubber compound.

Upper: mesh and synthetic materials are combined for more breathability, support, and comfort.

Midsole: for responsiveness, support and excellent cushioning underfoot EVA midsole are combined with Kompressor technology.

Outsole: for exceptional durability and traction in the tennis court surface for the outer sole Michelin rubber compound used.

Colour: Black/Fluo Aero

There are many positive reviews about Babolat men’s Propulse blast all court tennis shoes for flat feet.  Many customers have mentioned that the shoes give a sponge-like feeling but not Mushy feel.  The cushioning makes the Hard courts easy on the feet.

This provides support in sliding and running around the Court.  The, right to the size, and Are comfortable when it comes to their width for flat feet.  It is effortless to get adjusted to the new shoes.

The shoes are very good for the outdoor purposes to give more solid support on slippery surfaces.

  • Weight: lightweight shoe as compared to many tennis shoes makes them the great fit flat feet.
  • Price: The prices of these best tennis shoes are very affordable as compared to others.
  • Support: the shoes are very supportive of all the types of feet
  • Style and color: the shoes are available in different colors and are very stylish.
  • Flexible design: the design is made flexible for the players to overcome the instability for long games.
  • Heel cup: for the first time wear the customers might find the heel cup slightly narrow due to cushioning insole.

Why Should I Buy This Shoe?

The tennis shoes are the best tennis shoes for flat feet a great combination of support and speed for all the types of feet. The design is flexible and helps in modern game techniques. For keeping the midfoot locked power straps are provided in the upper foot.

Ortholite technology helps the players in soft footbed gameplay. The combination with Michelin rubber has provided the shoes more durability and long-lasting results.

3. Nike Air Max Cage Mens Tennis Shoe

Nike Air Max Cage Mens Tennis Shoe

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Air max Cage is designed in a dynamic step forward design with herringbone reinforced rubber in the outsole and a traction pattern for a firm grip on all kinds of surfaces. These shoes are shoes for flat feet and provide sturdy, lightweight cushioning.

Nike has designed this shoe more full as compared to the previous designs, which were pointed for the narrow fit and are the best tennis shoes for flat feet.

The comprehensive design provides comfort, Right balance, performance, and stability. The support and playability have made this product one of the top tennis shoe brands in recent years.

If you are looking for the best shoes for flat feet men, then this design is highly comfortable because of being wide.

Many of the wearers had to move down a half size to fit the shoe on their feet. These are highly comfortable; thus, you will not face any rubbing from the upper.

Once worn, the shoe will fit perfectly because of the upper being flexed.  For the occasional sharing landing, the cushioning is adequate and helps in observing the shock.

When it comes to the ventilation, the uppercase seems that the shoe might Lack the ventilation, the customers have given the review that there are enough perforations for keeping the shoe ventilated.

The arch of the shoe is designed according to Ortholite insole, thus it gives good support and is comfortable.

  • Comfort: the design is wide does it gives comfort to the Wearer.
  • Support the shoe because its cage design gives excellent support and helps in long time games.
  • Colour: White/Hyper/Crimson/Dusty Cactus
  • Weight:  the shoe is very lightweight
  • The design is wide thus many customers have to buy half of a size Smaller For firm grip.

Why Should I Buy This Shoe?

The shoe is a very comfortable design for long time players.  The Arch of the shoes is completely designed according to the professional tennis players so that they don’t have to use any aftermarket insole.

There is a lot more room for the food; thus, the shoe fits for almost all types of feet, but it is the best tennis shoes for flat feet.  The shoe is very durable, comfortable, has a unique style, is very stable, and for the ankles and Heels the shoe gives a very
Good fit.

4. ASICS Women’s Gel-Game 6 Tennis Shoe

ASICS Womens Gel-Game 6 Tennis Shoe

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This ASICS shoe, focusing on traction and durability. The outsole is made up of solid rubber to withstand the long games in tough Court. The midfoot Trusstic technology is used in making the shoes that provide stability for the forefoot, making side to side shuffling essential.

The customers give positive reviews about the best tennis shoes for flat feet. The shoe is perfect for indoor and outdoor courts. Though the outdoor courts and a bit soft than the indoors but the sole gives its best results.

It is the best training shoes for flat feet as well as for professional players—the shoes designed according to the Trusstic stability feature, as seen in other products by the brand.

For shock offsets, the trademark forefoot gel pads are used while moving forward. The price is very affordable and the style is very much attracted by the buyers.

  • The weight is not the hurdle in the gameplay due to the comfortability of the gel pads.
  • The shoe has a beautiful impact absorbing features
  • The shoe is long-lasting because of its sturdy rubber sole
  • The arch of the shoe designed moderately, thus gives a better fit to all types of feet.
  •  The shoes are best walking shoes for flat feet and overpronation
  • The use of synthetic makes it stiffer sometimes

Why Should I Buy This Shoe?

The shoe is durable and remains comfortable is long games. The shoe has a perfect shock absorbing gel. The outer sole is solid and is easy going in all types of match courts.

The long-lasting feature of the shoe makes it more loved by the hard players. The shoe has moderate arch support for professionals. The underfoot padding makes the buyer satisfied. The shoes are good value for money.

5. ASICS Gel Resolution 6 Women’s Tennis Shoes

ASICS Gel Resolution Tennis Shoes

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This ASICS Gel shoe has taken tennis shoes to a new level of stability, speed, and comfort. For a supportive feel and the plush gel cushioning has been done. The chassis has been updated for protecting the ankles and the feet from unwanted twists.

The new design introduced is lighter as compared to the previous versions, yet flexible and durable.

The width of the shoes is medium; thus, people with wide feet may need a bit of break-in time to get comfortable in the shoes.  Due to six months durability guarantee and very pleased stability and support, the Gel Resolution 6 has taken the women’s tennis shoes to a step forward.

Colors: Berry/Flash Coral/Plum

When the shoe comes to comfort, it has raised the bar.  The shoes gelled perfectly with the feet, thus making them feel very soft.  Though there is a lot of padding inside the shoe, it does not make them feel uncomfortable in the break-in period.

When it comes to ventilation, the ventilation system of the shoe is ok.  The shoes are so durable and supportive that the breathability issue of the shoe has overcome by them.

Customers report that the ventilation system of the shoes is fine and they did not feel any overheating.  For the flat feet the arch designed for the shoe is very supportive and comfortable thus they are best tennis shoes for flat feet 2021.

  • The weight of the shoe is less but durable.
  • The height and the width of the shoe are perfect
  • The shoe gives less traction thus the start and the stop felt natural
  • The price is very affordable for such long-lasting shoes.
  • These shoes are proven best running shoes for flat feet and plantar fasciitis in women
    • The traction of the shoes is uncomfortable for a few people but it just with the time.

Why Should I Buy This Shoe?

The colors are amazing and are attractive for the women.  Soul has made up of flexible strong rubber. The Flexionfit upper gives support to the feet and the women Pacific cushioning lessen up the compression.

The Guard toe protector enhances durability. The forefoot and Rearfoot gel systems prevent shocks.  The outsole is none marking high abrasion.


Tennis is one of the most loved games around the globe by all men and women.  Professional tennis players need strong, supportive, and comfortable shoes for long games.

Above mentioned Complete shoes guide in this article While choosing the best tennis shoes for flat feet, always make sure that you try them first, and if you have flat feet, you need to look for the arch inner sole of the shoe.

Flat Feet Tennis Shoes FAQs

1. What are the features of the Best Tennis Shoes For Flat Feet? 

There are many things for consideration, for example, the width of the shoe, the upper sole of the shoe, and the arch of the shoe.  Best tennis shoes for flat feet in 2021 should be flexible, and this is the most important thing.

2. Are all types of tennis shoes fine for indoor and outdoor courts? 

Outdoor Court is soft then the indoor Court, thus for the outdoor Court, a flexible outsole is excellent, but for the indoor Court, the durable and hard outsole is necessary.

3. What type of tennis shoes is long-lasting and durable?

Almost all the tennis shoes are long-lasting and durable, but before buying the shoes, make sure you get six months durable guarantee as well as positive reviews about the shoes.

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