How To Prevent Blisters On Back Of Heel From New Shoes 2021

blisters on back of heel from new shoesBlisters on the tongue are usual, but when blisters occur on your feet, that’s when things get nasty. One of the most common tragedies to happen is blisters on the back of the heel from new shoes, and they can successfully manage to make one feel tired and uncomfortable when walking.

Of course, blisters hurt a lot, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything you can to prevent them from ruining your feet.

In this article, we offer you the best information on blisters and what you can do to prevent them from attacking your heels.

What Are Blisters? 

A blister occurs when the skin creates a fluid-filled bubble. It doesn’t take much for a blister to appear on the surface, as it can appear anywhere on the skin, and most importantly, on your feet when you wear comfortable shoes.

Causes Of Blisters

However, blisters are most commonly found on the sides of the foot and on the back of the heel, which is irritating enough. In addition to this, blisters can cause more pain when rubbed against shoes, so it is essential to wear the right type of shoes for your well-being.

The primary cause of blisters is the improper fitting of shoes, and the rubbing you get with them.

However, blisters can also appear due to other aggressive activities –without the involvement of improper shoes. But, rubbing of shoes is the primary reason that causes blisters.

Tips To Prevent Blisters On Back Of Heel From New Shoes 2021

Are you sick of the blisters on the back of your heel, causing you tremendous pain and discomfort while walking? Then stress no more because we’ve got you covered.

Blister on the back of the heel treatment involves a lot of product-usage, but if you take some precautionary measures, you can stop blisters from ever occurring.

Here, we will discuss how to wear shoes with blisters. So, do you wish to know the tricks to get rid of blisters on the back of the heel from new shoes?

There are plenty of hacks you can do to prevent blisters from ruining your heels. Below are some of the most excellent tricks to prevent blisters.

Insoles Can Help With Fitting

Insoles are beneficial, as they add a sudden lift to your feet, reducing the area of the shoe to be in contact with your heel.

In addition to this, insoles also offer a tight fit, which lessens the movement between your skin and the shoe, which results in decreased chances of blisters. Insoles also play an essential role in making you feel supported and comfy.

Thick Socks

Here’s how to stop shoes rubbing the back of your heel.You can refer to wears thicker socks, or you can layer your feet with two socks.

The two socks will slide onto one another and can lessen the friction from ruining the back of your heels with blisters.

The Use Of Moleskin

Moleskin is considered to be a sturdy, Glue-ish cotton fabric that you can buy from any drugstore. You have to cut a specific size of the Moleskin and glue it to the heel of your shoe to lessen rubbing and enhance fitting.

Go To The Cobbler

If you love your new hoes too much and you don’t want to know how to soften the back of new shoes, then you can visit a professional.

Visit a shoe repair shop or your local Cobbler and have your shoes completely stretched and comfy to wear. In addition to this, the ‘stretching effect’ works fine with leather shoes.

Involve Heat

The blisters on the back of heel from new shoes can be prevented with the involvement of heat. Sounds weird, right? But it works. Layer your feet with a thick pair of socks and put on your shoes.

This is how to break in shoes that rub your heels. Use a hairdryer to heat the back of your shoe till it becomes malleable. When this process is done, the warmed material will transform into the shape of your heel as you walk in them.

This procedure works best with suede, cloth, and leather materials. On the other hand, you mustn’t position the dryer too close to your shoes for a long time, as this will destroy your shoes.

Duct Tape

Need a hack that will get rid of the blisters on the back of the heel from new shoes? Here’s an easy solution, prep your heels with the help of duct tape to reduce rubbing.

Duct tape is the solution to all problems. On the other hand, you must not perform this technique if the blisters are severe.

Find The Right Shoes To Prevent Blisters

As mentioned above, blisters are caused when your heels and the back of your shoe rub against each other.

In that case, it is important to get the right shape and size of footwear that can reduce the chances of blisters.

For every person, soft and cushion-filled shoes are the best choice to prevent blisters. In the case of new shoes, please do not go crazy with them, take it slow and go on short trips to loosen them up according to your needs.


The bottom line is, blisters are not that dangerous, but they do cause discomfort. If you use the right hacks to prevent blisters from attacking your feet, then you can walk with confidence without friction, ruining your mood.

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