How To Break In Shoes That Rub Your Heel 2021 – Stop Shoes Rubbing

how to break in shoes that rub your heel 2020How To Break In Shoes That Rub Your Heel? As we know movement is what makes you energetic and healthy. Your feet are bearing the weight of your whole body. They are closely connected to the overall health of the body.

Shoes are the covering of your feet that are not only meant to decorate but to protect them from injuries and damages. 16% of Europeans are considered to be suffering from wrong outfits.

You have to spend most of your day while wearing shoes. You cannot pay attention to any activity with aching feet or burning sensation in your bristles if they are rubbing your skin.

How To Break In Shoes That Rub Your Heel 2021

Are you concerned about how to break in the shoes that rub your heel, read the article below to find out your relative problem and its ultimate solution?

1. Break-in Shoes

You just have got your new pair of shoes and planned to wear them for an upcoming event? Wait, you should always try them first at home.

New shoes can be harsh to your feet. They may be tight around the toes, or shoe stitching can be rubbing your skin that can cause friction. This friction or heat will allow blisters on the back of the heel from new shoes.

Now the question is how to stop shoes rubbing the top of the toes? Or how to avoid shoes causing blisters on the back of the heel? and How To Break In Shoes That Rub Your Heel

  • You can Break-in your new shoes for less time at home so that the feet and shoes get harmony with each other.
  • Try sitting, walking up the stairs, and even a brisk walk around your house to get better support according to the shape of your feet.
  • You can wear your new shoes with thick cotton socks that will protect the tender skin of your feet. It is the easiest and safe way to help the shoes causing blisters on the back of the heel, low and high temperatures can expand the fabric or leather of your shoes.
  • You can place them in the freezer for 3 to 4 hours or heat them with a hairdryer for 2 to 3 times at the problem-causing areas to resolve the issue.

2. Size Issues

Wearing a misfit shoe can lead to many health issues. A tight or uneasy pair can impact the blood circulation or body ache even shoes rubbed the skin off heel can cause uneasiness for longer periods.

You should carefully choose the right size.

  • The size and shape of your feet change as you grow older so buy shoes not by the number rather with its best fit.
  • Buy shoes in the evening or night time as feet are swollen after working out for the whole day.
  • If you are looking for the solution of how to stop shoes rubbing my little toe? Or how to stop shoes from rubbing my heel is to buy the shoes according to the shape of your feet.
  • It would help if you considered the fact that your one foot is a little larger than the other, so you need to buy a good fit according to the larger one.
  • There must be some extra space between your longest toe and shoes. How To Break In Shoes That Rub Your Heel? Your heel should also slip incorrectly to help you walk comfortably and confidently.

3. Shoes With Insoles

Insoles not only play an essential role in the comfortable base, but it can also serve some other purposes.

It can control the slipping movement of your feet, help to prevent the body ache, support the frame to avoid rubbing, and a confident gate.

You can buy a separate pair of insoles to resolve the fitting issues, and you can reuse them with each of your outfits.

Shoes with insoles should be firmer than comfortable for long-lasting support to your walk even after many uses.

4. Use Moleskin

Apply the moleskin directly onto the skin, or you can paste it on shoe stitching that is rubbing your skin.

Moleskin will help you against rubbing the shoes on your toe or heel to avoid blisters on the back of the heel from new shoes, or even the How To Break In Shoes That Rub Your Heel.

shoes rubbed the skin off the heel for soothing. You can cut it further into different shapes as required.

5. Use Duct Tape

The use of duct tape is well known to prevent blisters even before it develops as it prevents friction that causes damage to your feet. Apply the tape on the required area and wear your socks carefully to avoid sticking.


Jason Jones, the vice president of design and development at Johnston & Murphy, says while describing the process of how to break in shoes that rub your heel, “If there’s any break-in time for your shoes, it’s a couple of wears at the most.”

So be confident and try one of the solutions mentioned above to how to break in shoes that rub your heel for a peaceful companionship between your shoes and happy feet.

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