How To Fix Slippery Shoes At Home 2021 – Complete Guide

How to fix slippery shoes at home 2020Keep yourself safe from all types of slips; instead, you used to wear flat heels like moccasins and loafer or pointed heels like peep heel or French heel just by knowing the “how to fix slippery shoes at home.”

Whatever type of shoes either for ball or college or school you put on, it’s the first and foremost thing to be safe from all kinds of falls and risks of falls.

But most probably you will be confused why you need to know about it?

Because it not only make your journey smooth and confident but relaxes you too with peace of mind and comfort.

Let’s brood over a few of the benefits of slip-resistant shoes.

  • Make you confident about safety.
  • Allow built-in comfort.
  • Let you move with improved speed.
  • Enhance durability.
  • Last but foremost cost-effective.

Got it!

Now you happy and ready for further reading to how to fix the slippery sole while using simple but effective home remedies as per situation?

How To Fix Slippery Shoes At Home 2021

Of course, it’s useful to know if you are hunting sole resistant solutions for your favorite daily shoe!

Breaking In New Soles

Its good to wait while wearing expensive shoes and walk for many times let you automatically make the sole resistant if not then try the sandpaper rubbing over its sole.

Yes, its the rough and make your shoe’ exclusive bit frictional and resistant even on slippery vinyl and snow surfaces. But be aware of the fact its the temporary solution for most of the time.

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Scuff The Soles

Scuffing the soles is the easiest and simple way to make your shoe sole resistant thus durable to last for many years whatever the climate and surface you have to walk down.

Firstly you may scuff the sole with a rough surface like sandpaper, nail file, or even the brick or gravel rock.

While doing it, you need to rub on the single unless and until small grooves appear on the sole for friction and sustainability.

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How to Make Shoe Non-Slip for Work DIY?

Sandpaper your soles is the ideal in a way that it not only makes the sole surface not slippery while fully make it rough to hold a better grip while removing the dangerous slick coating of the sole.

Nail files for scuffing let you enjoy the shoe with the slip-no sole; it’s useful but a bit expensive.

Plain rub the surface of the shoe with a nail file, and you will have the rough surface within a few minutes. And you are ready to walk on the dry surface with confidence.

 Use Traction Spray

More try shoe grip enhancers like sticky mats or grip lotions that are value able to add a little amount of stickiness to the base of shoes.

Perk up the safety from slips just by using the traction spray on the sole! It’s affordable and handy to use a spray-on coating.

Are you anxious to know how to make shoes non slip with hot glue? Then it’s the right to go for the traction spray of any brand that is available at reasonable prices to improve the grip of the shoe sole.

It’s an excellent tool to set the slippery sole.

Spray soles with hairspray are the simplest way to get the resilient shoe sole at home.

At home, for sure, you have the hair spray. It’s also ok to use, but it may not be favorable to the shoe material sometimes. So, traction spray is quite reliable.

 Try Ice Grips

Indeed using sandpaper, nail file, and hair spray is fine to use for dry surfaces, but for the slippery surface of British weather, you ought to be with the perfect solution for snow and ice.

Ideally, for ice using gluing sand and salt, mainly, the rock salt works the best for better protection from slips.

It is further investing some amount on ice grips of shoe sole worth more than its usage and benefit.


Instead, you are an office going or doing household or salesman or anyone you ought to be with the perfect shoe to be confident and safe from dust and dirt.

If due to some reason you slip down while walking either at home or outside, how would you feel? It’s awkward and painful, no matter emotionally or physically. So, it would be best if you will be careful about it in any case.

For this reason you not need to buy all the time new and expensive soled shoes.

Even with the least budget, you can fix the slippery sole of your shoe rather its new or many years old just by knowing the “how to fix the slippery shoes at home.”

What can you put on the bottom of shoes to make them less slippery?

  • Grip pads for shoe.
  • Traction spray for shoes.


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