How To Make Shoes More Comfortable For Standing All Day 2021 – Best Tips To Soften Shoes That Hurt

Have you bought your favorite trendy pair of shoes?

But wait, are they comfortable enough to stay all day long with you?

If your shoes are adding misery in your life and you are out of the idea of how to make shoes more comfortable for standing all day long, this article will help you to solve the problem of your feet that are facing the consequences.

how to make shoes more comfortable for standing

Today we are going to discuss how to make more comfortable shoes for standing all day so that you can wear your most favorite shoes without any hesitation.

How To Make Shoes More Comfortable For Standing All Day

]Uncomfortable shoes can not only make you anxious or tired, but they can also kick start some severe health problems so you should pay special attention to the comfort level of your shoes.

Here I will give you some valuable tips on how to make uncomfortable shoes comfortable.

1. Break-In New Shoes Before You Travel

  • Always try your new shoes at home. Wearing a new pair for the very first time on an occasion can lead to many issues like rubbing the skin, blisters, peeling off the skin, or a tight fit pressing the feet or toes.
  • You can wear new shoes, at least 2 or 3 times at home for a better break-in. It will adjust your shoes according to the shape of your feet, and leather or fabric will stretch to the required space.
  • You can give heat through a hairdryer or cold through ice bags to soften the areas that are hurting. High temperatures lead to weakening the materials of your shoes. How To Make Shoes More Comfortable For Standing All Day It is how to soften shoes that hurt.

2. Don’t Wear The Same Shoe All-Day

Wearing the same shoes for all-day, especially for standing, can cause fatigue and foot-ache. It is good to keep an extra pair with you and change the shoes so that your feet can relax while still standing for some more hours. The shape of the same boots can make the feet tired.

3. Using Inserts (Gels)

  • There are new inserts gel insoles available in the market with gels that can help them relieved the pressure and feel relaxed.
  • They are readily available in different shapes and sizes to match perfectly to your shoes and the best inexpensive solution to your feet’ relaxation.
  • You can add gel inserts to your feet ball or other sensitive areas to avoid the inconvenience that your shoes are causing you.

4. Using Arch Supports

The question is how to make men’s dress boots more comfortable or how to make shoes more comfortable for standing as an office or work dress code needs to be satisfied How To Make Shoes More Comfortable For Standing All Day.

  • You can add arch support to your boots or dress shoes that can provide more support to your arch for a better walk or flat feet issues. You need to get one of the right sizes.
  • Standing for long hours demands arch support to allow a firm or stable base. A supportive arch base will offer a pain-free and relaxed time to your feet.
  • Arch support serves many purposes other than daily relaxation—plantar fasciitis treatment, arch support, foot and joint pain relief from arthritis, etc.

5. Guarding The Toes

Most people consider sandals and flat shoes more comfortable, but it is not the case. Sandals with a smart fit or toe post can hurt your toes. Now find how to make toe posts comfier or How To Make Shoes More Comfortable For Standing All Day?

  • Silicon toe guard or footbed, guard your toes against crampy toes on a low budget. They are readily available and even work better than insoles, especially for toe posts.
  • Sandals with smart shapes can hurt the little toe, so you can also save your pinky by wrapping medical tape around the most useful little toe or by wearing a protective rubber toe cap for that.[/su_list]

6. Wearing Socks

  • Shoes that are rubbing your feet can be easily handled by wearing socks. They will add a comfortable layer between your feet and rubbing shoes.
  • Socks can prevent blisters or skin off the feet by rubbing the shoes.
  • You can also use homemade heel pads for shoes. Add a cotton or soft patch of fabric and paste it on the area where the shoes are hurting.

7. Adding Extra Sole

  • There are some beneficial insoles available in the market that you can quickly put in your soles for added comfort. These insoles are comfortable, and they also stabilize your feet by providing a firm base and support to them.
  • You can even DIY shoe inserts for comfort. You need to cut the fabric in the shape of the insoles of your shoes and paste soft woolen or cotton fabric on it. Paste them on the insoles of your shoes to help your feet relaxed.


In the end, this is all How To Make Shoes More Comfortable For Standing All Day long hours so that you can work for a longer time with relaxed feet and a peaceful mind.

You can only work actively and efficiently when you are fit and stress-free. Your perfect outfit can be your all-time comfortable outfit.

Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How can I make my shoes more comfortable at work?

Insoles, pads, and cushions will all do the same job, but for much less. Gel pads are a great alternative to traditional fabric pads that absorb odors. Gel pads are also washable and reusable, so they last longer. There are some great silicone adhesive gel cushion that sticks to the feet and not inside shoes.

2. What are the most comfortable shoes for standing all day?

You can a lot of other brands shoes for standing all the day in the market. However, the top best that we pick for you are always perfect.
  • New Balance Men’s 990 V5
  • Brooks Men’s Ghost 13
  • HOKA Men’s Bondi 7
  • Sovella Floater
  • New Balance 626
  • ECCO Soft 7
  • New Balance 860v11

3. How can I make my shoes more comfortable?

Different methods and alternative techniques are using nowadays for comfortable shoes. When you do work all day then surely you need a kind of best fitting and comfortable shoes. You can cushion and insoles for comfortable wearing.

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