How To Make Shoes Slip Resistant For Restaurant 2021

slip resistant shoes for restaurantAre you afraid of walking on a hard tiled floor in the kitchen after purchasing a false pair of shoes?

Well, don’t panic! about How To Make Shoes Slip Resistant For Restaurant?

Because you aren’t the only one.

A lot of people make bad shoe choices, especially those who work in a restaurant, but still, this issue has a solution. 

It is not just an inconvenience to own a slippery pair of shoes, but it is also a massive cause of injury with numerous trips and slips every year. With that being said, you need a slip-resistant shoe. 

Therefore, we have come up with the answer to the most commonly asked question how to make shoes slip-resistant for a restaurant”?

Tips How To Make Shoes Slip Resistant For Restaurant

1. Scruff Your Shoes

Are you in desperate need of knowing How To Make Shoes Slip Resistant For Restaurant? Well, brand new shoes can be slippery than ever due to smooth soles, but you can wear them down a bit to change that. But, the question still stands, how? 

Scruff your shoe on the roughest edges, and the soles can own a rigid grip as long as both nooks and abrasions increase.

Your job is only to walk on hard concrete and rocks. In addition to this, you can also try some textured metal grates and paths.

However, you don’t have to walk much, but you only have to rub the shoes over certain surfaces so the grip can improve. 

2. Take Help Of Your Nail File

When scuffing doesn’t help, then take the help of your nail file as a replacement. Scuff the smoothest and flattest areas of the shoes that are the most in touch with the floor. 

It is important to use metal files since they are more efficient and better at use than other materials. Furthermore, use a strip of thin wood coated with emery on the outside. Make sure that the board is coarser, as this will provide better results. 

3. Use A Masking Tape

One of the main reasons why masking tape is considered to be a reliable answer on how to make shoe slip-resistant for the restaurant is that it offers a quick solution in increasing grip.

In addition to this, it is very easy to use. How To Make Shoes Slip Resistant For Restaurant All you have to do is stick a couple of rolls to the sole of your shoe by creating an X-pattern.

Perform this procedure at the widest and flattest portions of the sole so you can get good results. However, you must know that reapplication is important in case the adhesive is no longer left. 

4. Go To Professional Shoe Repairer or Cobbler

This is an ideal tip on how to make sneakers non-slip, especially if you value your restaurant shoes too much or if they are too expensive.

It is a good option when you are concerned with doing or applying some DIY tricks to your shoes, so it would be best to visit a professional shoe repairer. 

Your professional cobbler/shoe repairer can fix the shoes either by modifying the sole or replacing it. Regardless of the method, you must be prepared to spend some money.

5. Apply Puff Paint To The Soles

It is possible to make your shoes non-slip with the help of puff paint. In addition to this, the puff paint method is the most effective one among all of these tips about How To Make Shoes Slip Resistant For Restaurant.

Puff paint is a type of paint commonly used in most crafts and arts for kids. Just apply the paint and wait for it to dry, then it will turn into a puffy texture, and a rough surface will be the result. 

6. Use An Ankle Strap

Here’s another solution to get the no-slip effect; attaching an ankle strap to the shoes. Whenever you use this type of strap, you can maintain a nice balance with dealing with greasy or oily floors. 

Furthermore, attaching ankle straps to your shoes can offer you a lot of grips while reducing the risk of falls and slips. 

7. Stick Adhesive Bandages

So, what can you put on the bottom of shoes to make them less slippery?

Without a doubt, this tip is very helpful, especially if your job includes a lot of tripping and falling hazards, even if you are wearing high-quality shoes.

One of the most efficient solutions is to use two adhesive bandages and stick them at the back of your shoes. 

It is important to make sure that you attach the bandages to the heel area, as this enhances the grip. How To Make Shoes Slip Resistant For Restaurant? With that being said, you can prevent possible tips and falls. 

8. Hot Glue

Here’s how to make shoes non slip with hot glue. Just clean the bottom of your shoes with the help of a cloth. Prepare your hot glue gun and wait for the glue to become hot.

Hot Glue lines or dots at even spaces of the sole and then wait for it to dry. Hot glue non-slip shoes will only work if you first try to walk on hard surfaces.


The bottom line is How To Make Shoes Slip Resistant For Restaurant, there are so many solutions on how to make shoes slip-resistant for the restaurant. If you follow the above-discussed tips, you can undoubtedly make your shoe go non-slip.

However, if your restaurant allows boots, then you can buy slip-resistant boots as they are already effective and do not require slip-proofing.

Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are slip resistant shoes?

Slip-resistant shoes are always different from any other kind of shoes because these shoes are made of rubber soles and have tread patterns that can provide a better grip on wet or greasy floors. These shoes always make sure that you do not get fall, down, or slip.

2. How to make shoes slip resistant?

There are so many different ways through which you can make your shoes slip resistant. Here we have simple steps.

  1. Put nonslip bathtub appliqués on the soles.
  2. on the ball and sole of each shoe stick adhesive bandages
  3. Add double-sided tape to the soles of the shoes.
  4. Or you can buy any kind of anti-slip spray.

3. Can I spray something on my shoes to make them non-slip?

To make your shoes anti-slip you can also use spray that might help you to make them slip-resistant. Other than traction paid which is too expensive many people use traction spray. Which are far better and less expensive way.

4. Can a cobbler make shoes slip resistant?

The answer to this question is always yes. Because a cobbler can easily repair your shoes and can use some kind of material that makes them less slippy. Or also repair them because they might have been worn out which resulted in slipping and tumbling over.

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