How to Measure Foot Size in cm – Simple Process when shopping online?

How to Measure Foot Size in cm The article will teach you How to Measure Foot Size in cm and convert it into inches. It’s a quick and easy process that only takes a few seconds! This information is beneficial for those who are shopping online or at work and need to know their shoe size quickly.
To measure the length of your foot, use a sewing tape measurer from toe to heel (not including the toes). The measurement taken should be in centimeters. When measuring, make sure there is no extra slack on the end of the tape because this can cause an inaccurate reading. Once you have measured your feet, add 30 mm (1 inch) onto each side of the number in order to get an approximation of what size shoes would fit best for each foot.

Most people don’t know their foot size. Making sure you measure your feet correctly can help ensure that the shoes you purchase are a good fit! Here is How to Measure Foot Size in cm:

1) Place a ruler on the floor and stand on it with one of your feet, then use this measurement to find out what shoe size you wear.

2) Place two pieces of paper next to each other and draw an outline around both of your feet (right and left).

3) Measure from heel-to-toe for both feet, then add up the total length for each side.

4) Find where those measurements meet on the ruler and compare it against these common shoe sizes below: Extra Small – 22cm; Small – 24cm

How to Choose the Correct Shoe Size When Shopping Online?

Throughout the 20th century, men and women have seen their shoe sizes grow. In 1900, the average woman’s shoe size was 35 but today it is 39 and in 1950 a 36-size would be an average size for both genders! The most common sizes among men were around 40 at midcentury but now they are closer to 43 so what will these numbers look like in fifty years? This change can probably be attributed to many factors such as healthy nutrition rich with vitamins that enables people to reach greater heights than ever before.

A lot of women wear the wrong shoe size, and this can cause a range of problems from discomfort to serious health concerns. When you first put on your shoes they feel comfortable but after wearing them for longer periods of time they start to become uncomfortable which is why it’s important that you try before you buy if possible. How to Measure Foot Size in cm Wearing an incorrect sized shoe could lead to a lack of blood flow or even deformity as pressure builds up within the foot when worn too long without being corrected. Many people don’t realize how bad their feet will hurt until it’s too late so remember next time just because something looks good doesn’t mean that one should assume it feels great!

How to Measure Your Foot Correctly?

Shoe sizes may vary between brands, so it’s crucial to measure your feet before buying them. To do this at home, lay a sheet of A4 paper on the floor and place one foot in front of the other with heels together. Then use a pen or pencil mark where you feel pressure from standing against each heel as well as across your arch (you can also pinch some excess skin for accuracy). How to Measure Foot Size in cm? Finally, take out measuring tape to read length directly from bottom edge along backside up towards toes; repeat 2-3 times until you get an average number which is closest without rounding off—write down result & don’t lose! Once done always check the trademark size chart provided online—just save these instructions nearby whenever shopping for new shoes since there.


Put your foot on the piece of paper.


Holding your pen vertically, put a dot where your heel ends and where your longest toe ends.

Measure the distance between the two dots with your ruler.


Determine the length of your foot. Measure in centimetres.


Do the same thing with your other foot.


Find your size in the chart below.

Sometimes, both feet have slightly different lengths. In this case, choose the shoe size according to the larger foot (for example, if your left foot’s size is 38 and your right foot’s size is 37.5, choose the larger size).

Tip to Help you Choose the Correct Shoe Size When Shopping Online

1. Foot length.

How to Measure Foot Size in cm It is especially important to measure the length of your foot. To do so, look for a chart from the manufacturer that will give you their sizing in centimeters and make it much easier for you when ordering shoes online or through catalogs.

2. The shape of the shoe and your foot

When searching for the perfect shoes, it’s important to consider your foot shape and size. If you have a narrow instep or high arch, choose pointed-nosed models that are smaller than usual. However, if you’re feet are wide around the widest part of your foot or especially round in general we recommend avoiding pointy toes as well as any type of seams at this area on some styles.

3. Half sizes

If you’re a half-size, make sure to pick out shoes from brands that offer half sizes.

4. Seasonality

How to Measure Foot Size in cm? To ensure that you get the most accurate measurements for your footwear, it’s important to pay attention to seasonality. During summer when feet are often swollen and sometimes larger than usual, we recommend that you always measure them first before purchasing shoes online. If warm winter boots with fur will be worn in a colder weather environment then choose a size up since squeezing tight-fitting footwear can make feet cold faster!

Closing Thoughts!

It is important to mention that there is no universal shoe size standard, so the data in the chart will not be completely specific. When shopping, it’s best to check product information for more details about their shoes and what each number represents. When measuring your foot size, you should measure the length of your foot on its widest part. The width is also important to take into consideration when looking for shoes that will fit well. Measurements are usually given in cm and inches on shoe labels or on a ruler, but they can be converted using our handy chart below! If you’re still not sure what size shoes to buy, don’t worry- we have some great tips for fitting women’s feet with different shapes at the end of this article.

To measure your foot size in centimeters, you’ll need to know the length of your foot. You can either get this measurement at a shoe store or use the following instructions to take it yourself. If you are using a ruler, have someone help by marking where one end meets up with your toes and then measuring from there on out. Your head should be positioned so that both feet are facing straight ahead while being measured. Once you’ve got your measurements, just divide them into 100 cm increments – for example, if they’re 20cm long then put 80cm down on paper because dividing what is left over will result in 2 decimal points which might not read well when converted back to inches. This way all calculations will come out as a whole.

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