How To Soften Shoes That Hurt – Latest 2021 Tips

Are you afraid of blisters on the back of the heel from new shoes?

Meghan Markle wears shoes that are too big for her for the same reason, to avoid blisters or because new shoes hurt the back of the ankle.

But this can lead to further issues, according to health experts, so this cannot be a solution to protect your feet.

You always need to address the issue correctly. Today in the article below, we are going to discuss how to soften shoes that hurt?

how to soften shoes that hurt

After applying each hack to my shoes, I have compiled a few methods of how to soften shoes that hurt for a comfortable walk.

Before applying the hacks for softening, the shoes get proper information about the material, color, and flexibility of the shoes to spare your money.

How To Soften Shoes That Hurt?

With a lot of shoes on our feet, it’s important to have them looking their best. We’ve all experienced the pain of a poorly-fitting shoe, and we know that it can be frustrating. To help you pick the perfect pair of shoes that will last well, long, and look good, we’ve rounded up 6 tips for buying good quality footwear.

How To Soften Shoes That Hurt

Today you’re going to learn all you need to know about how to soften over the most painful types of shoes. These shoes are often uncomfortable, and in some cases, painful. We’ll cover everything from what to do about shoes that hurt, to how to get rid of bad shoes.

Tips On How To Soften The Back Of New Shoes

Shoes rubbing ankle bone or boots that hurt ankles need to soften for further damage to feet.

It is easy to soften shoes at home. You can give moisture to your shoes so that they can expand their construction.

That is, how to break in shoes that rub your heel, but before moving to the actual act of softening, you need to know the type of shoes and their construction. This knowledge will help your shoes soften rightly and quickly.

1. By Using Moisture

You can give moisture to your shoes by putting wet towels, ice bags, or applying Alcohol. This trick will help to soften your shoes by expanding the material.

2. Ice Bags

Put ice bags in your shoes or pack them in a plastic bag and freeze them. It will help the leather to expand and lose its stiffness to the extent of comfort.

3. Alcohol

Add one portion of Alcohol, in one part of water and apply it to the areas that need to get soft.

You should be careful in applying this mixture as Alcohol can damage the painted areas of your shoes. Confirm the stability of the paint of your shoes.

4. By Using Oil

The fats of oil can moisturize any material to make it soft. You can apply to the areas that required softening to make your shoes comfortable without much hassle.

5. Castor Oil

Castor Oil can give good moisture to the stiff leather of your shoes as it provides enough stickiness to perform its job of softening. And it will help you to easily soften your shoes and finally know about How To Soften Shoes That Hurt.

6. Kerosene

Soak the hard area of the shoes with 3% of vinegar then apply kerosene. It will help to resolve the issue, but your shoes can have a strong smell, so put them in an airy place.

You should apply the mixture or oils from the inside of the shoes to keep the shoes safe.

Wear Padded Socks

It’s a simple but very effective trick. You can wear padded socks to help you break in your shoes, and they will also prevent blisters. But the question is, how long does it take to break-in new shoes?

  • You can wear these padded socks or chunky socks while breaking-in your shoes only for two or three times.
  • You can also use them while moisturizing the shoes that will give results quickly as the leather would be soft and expand according to the shape of your feet.
  • You can stuff your socks in the front part of the shoes, and this is how to break in canvas shoes effectively with your padded socks.

Protect the Hot Spots

A spot anywhere on your feet, that is pressurized or sores a hot spot.

You may feel redness, burning, or stinging on this particular spot that is the signal of the arrival of a blister. You still have time to rescue your feet from this upcoming disaster.

Friction caused by rubbing or moist environment is the main culprits of causing blisters on the back of the heel from new shoes or by wet socks.

Change your socks in time. Sweaty socks or poor fitting socks should be changed immediately.

Protect your hot spot by covering it with duct tape, moleskin, or a bandage. This protection will help you prevent your skin off the feet or further rubbing and blisters.

Allow your feet a shoes-free time to get a pair of How To Soften Shoes That Hurt.

The Water Bucket

Are you afraid of the water bucket? It can be on your toes or the back of the ankle.

Don’t be amazed. It’s a blister.

Yes, blisters are a pocket of fluid on your feet.

If your buying How To Soften Shoes That Hurt is hard and rubbing or pressurizing any spot on your feet, that will cause heat or friction. This friction will lead to pop up a little water bucket on your skin.

  • Try to soften your shoes with any of the hacks mentioned above and protect your skin from blisters,
  • You can treat it by pricking the surface of the blister to drain the fluid. Apply any antibiotic ointment and bandage.
  • They can further lead to infection, so you need to be careful in treating a blister.
  • You should keep your feet and shoes dry.
  • Keep the insole clean to avoid tenderness caused by any particles or pricking objects.
  • Break-in your shoes before the actual use.
  • Cut your nails of the toes to a snug fit the shoes.
  • Do not wear the same pair all day long and also allow the feet to air.


Before going to your favorite event or adventure like camping, hiking, or running, do you learn how to soften shoes that hurt?

Because your shoes are going to take you to the desired place, they will accompany you all day long, and you can not afford to attend a painful feeling.

Do follow a foot care routine and try to get a perfect size for feet. Apply some methods to avoid a tough time for your feet.

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