How to Tell If Shoes Are Too Big – Best Tips For Big Shoes 2021

How to Tell If Shoes Are Too BigAre you facing problem in running or noticing a change in your gait?

You can have a bigger shoe size, knowingly or unknowingly.

Most people do not take it a serious issue while buying shoes that seem a size bigger than what fits their feet.

Dr. Cunha, founder of Gotham Footcare and a leading podiatrist, says,

A heel that is too big may equally cause the same amount of problems as a heel that is too small,

But the matter of concern is, how to tell if shoes are too big?

You are in the right place, as in this article we are going to share some tips on how to tell if standing shoes are too big.

How to Tell If Shoes Are Too Big?

Moms used to buy one size bigger outfit for their kids so that they can outgrow in them, but this can not apply to adults.

All you need is to be careful while buying your shoes. Here are some tips for how to tell if shoes fit in properly while buying a new pair.

Take your time while buying so that you can decide for a perfect fit. It would help if you considered the shape of your feet while choosing a new pair, not the vice versa.

Walk around the fitting area while trying a new pair so that you can know the loose or tight-fitting of the shoes.

New shoes can stretch after break-ins. But to know exactly, are my shoes too small or do I need to break them in, is very simple.

Shoes can be stretch in width but not in length if you want a bigger size to avoid break-ins that will lead to having a pair causing rubbing and blisters.

Try both shoes so that you can avoid any inconvenience later. All of us have one bigger foot naturally, so you should wear both and walk or bend to know the right size for you.

Never fix the shoes by lacing-uptight; it can lead to more significant size issues.

Tips Regarding How To Tell If Shoes Are Too Big

Are you evaluating yourself again and again after buying a new trendy shoe? Are my shoes too big? Here are some problems associated with wearing a bigger shoe size that can tell if shoes are too big.

  • Your heels will be coming out from your shoes when you walk briskly. It can lead to rubbing your feet, which results in blisters or skin of the feet.
  • You are facing a problem while climbing up the stairs as your shoes are loose in fitting.
  • The arch support of the shoes should place on the wrong part of the foot. It can cause bruising to the muscles and slipping of the feet.
  • Your running speed or gait is disturbed as your shoes are slipping or not securing the feet in properly.
  • Your toes are trying to hold the shoes from inside. It can cause strain on your calves.

Putting Shoes On

The following tips can fit a pair that is only losing a little bit, but the question is how much toe room in walking shoes is hindering your activities. A little gape can be handled by

  • Wearing thick socks.
  • You are putting a little cotton liner in front of your toes.
  • Putting a cushioned insole.
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The Difference Between Tight And Snug

How to tell if shoes are too small or big?

How much room should be in the toe of a shoe?

The answer to these questions is, it should be a snug fit. Neither should be tight nor loose to give you ultimate relaxation that a buyer desire.

Snuggle fit shoes are comfortably fit that can provide a close-fitting but cozy feeling to the user. The tight fit can cause rubbing or pressurize your toes.

Fitting Shoes

Shoes that are a good fit will allow a small gap in front of your toe.

Your question to this tip will be, should my toes touch the end of my shoes.

If you can compress the front top area of your shoe to the footbed, the shoe is too big.

Fitting of the shoes can be enhanced by arch support, cushioned insole. It will also increase the comfort level.


Bigger shoes can cause stress on the feet and shoes as well. It can harm your health, and shoes can wear out faster. So, wear the right to spare the shoes and protect your feet!

The article on how to tell if shoes are too big is not only going to help you decide on the right shoes but also to handle big shoes.

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