Top 5 Best Running Shoes For Flat Feet Buy in 2021 – [Guide & Reviews]

Finding the right running shoes for flat feet has become a challenge for many flat-footed runners.

Many people on the internet as well as in the shops around you will likely urge you to buy a running shoe which has more Arch support.

The experts in the sports field will guide you the same.

Unfortunately, it is hard to find an easy answer to this question.

Many factors must be considered while you are looking for a perfect running shoe, for example, individual foot, range of motion, and gait cycle.

So, many features must be kept in mind while you are looking for a running shoe for your low arches and feeling comfortable and supported.

According to many doctors, they suggest that while looking for a shoe for a flat-footed Runner who has collapsed arches due to their weakness of muscle, the Arch can be added so that the foot gets more support, becomes more potent, and can support the Arch of its own.

But there always comes up negativity with the positivity. To the flat foot anatomically, the Arch just adds up in the stress that goes to the knee and can result in many problems.

Thus before buying a shoe for your flat foot, you must know what type of your foot is including your knees, range of motion, and hips.

This article is about five different types of running shoes for flat feet that will perfectly fit.

Best Running Shoes For Flat Feet 2021 Reviews

ProductsWeight (oz)HeelFoot TypeCheck Price
ASICS Men’s Gel-Kayano 2611.16 inchesFlat Foot
Saucony Men’s Guide 1310.2 5.4 inchesFlat Foot
Brooks Women’s Dyad 1010.01 28 mmAll Types
New Balance Men’s Shoe 11.5 10 mmAll Types
Mizuno Men’s Wave Horizon14.1 39 mmFlat Foot

1. ASICS Men’s Gel-Kayano 26 (4E) Running Shoes

ASICS Mens Gel Kayano Running Shoes

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When it comes to a friendly brand, ASICS is one of the best running shoes for flat feet in 2021.  Not only are these best shoes for flat feet men, but also this gel-Kayano has proved to be the best running shoes for flat feet for women as well.

The technologies used in these running shoes for flat feet are fluid fit and fluid ride that is known to be one of the best supportive extensions for the flat foot runners. These technologies are related to overpronation.

Fluidride is a technology focusing on cushioned midsoles that provide shock absorption and strong durability but remains lightweight.

For Incredible stability, fluid fit Technology offers an exceptional upper mesh that comes along with the holes and helps in fitting this Shoe snugly.

The running Shoe Kayano 26 has gel in the heel and toe that helps in the shock absorption and cushioning. And the system ASICS DuoMax gives additional stability and support.

For absorbing the moisture and repelling the bacteria, a sock liner ASICS comfort dry X40 is present. And for improving the efficiency of the owner’s gait proprietary guidance system is available.

These shoes designed with a very breathable fabric lining, thick and mesh upper, Tongue padding, and removable insoles for orthotics patients.

These are the best running shoes for plantar fasciitis and flat feet. These shoes are affordable and worth the price.  These are definitely a very good choice for running shoes for flat feet.

Thus it has many unique features but still, it is not very expensive running shoes for flat feet.  It is very ideal for many flat feet runners.

  • Perfect for many types of runner
  • A very smooth ride
  • Midsole is firm
  • Might have an issue with arch in the first try

Why Should I Buy This Shoe?

There is a firm form in the Arch, and midsole has dual-density does it has proven to be a very good shoe for flat-footed runners. The shoe is designed the overpronation and it works a lot for different people.

Underfoot have lots of layers of plush cushioning that makes the ride feel smooth.

2. Saucony Women’s Guide 13 Running Shoe

Saucony Womens Running Shoe

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If you aim to look for a stunning pair of running shoes for flat feet that a stable as well for flat foot, then go for Saucony. Without going too far, these are one of the ideal shoes for people with overpronation, but that is not very severe, and it provides excellent arch support.

Runners and the people who have low Arch will find themselves lucky if they get these running shoes for flat feet. It is a very neutral shoe providing you a little arch support.

If you’re looking for a show that orthotic friendly, provides support to Low Arch, and is suitable for wide feet, then these are the best running shoes for flat feet. It is a great show that will last for long.

These running shoes offer one of the most advanced features that are not common in other running shoes for flat feet.  Here is the list of these features.

For lightweight and durability, dual-density used. For assisting, the shock absorption SRC landing zone is added. Providing cushioning effect for all types of strides Everun top sole is attached. While running, Flexfilm provisions are added for the support.

The outsole is designed to flex in multiple directions providing better ground contact. Moreover, carbon rubber is added for more robust traction, and rubber is injected in various areas for better cushioning.

The shoe is specifically designed for the people suffering from flat footedness variety of colors available.

  • Durable
  • Flexed arch
  • For wider feet
  • Injected rubber for cushioning
  • Too wide for few people

Why Should I Buy This Shoe?

People with low arts will find themselves lucky to buy these shoes. These are a very neutral shoe with a little arch support.

It provides a wider platform for the forefoot and midsole. For handling long miles and high volume training, these running shoes for flat feet provide durability and cushioning.

3. Brooks Women’s Dyad 10 

Brooks Womens Dyad 10 

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These Perfect flat foot shoes come with a new engineered mesh for upper, for a softer step a sock liner, for more stability, flexibility is reduced. It mainly designed for orthotics patients and people who have shallow Arch and are more flat-footed.

The feature BioMoGo DNA is the signature of brooks, which designed to adapt to your feet according to your movement.

This results in a minimal shock when the feet hit the ground and a very responsive running. It keeps the feet in a neutral position, and stability is provided by dual arch pods.

For Transition from heel to toe in a smooth way, the segmented crash pad is added on the outsole of the shoes, and it will take away the shock from the feet while you move.

So, for the movement over dry and wet surfaces with excellent traction, the outsole has additional blown rubber.

Now, for a broader platform and roomy fit, these running shoes for flat feet give flat-footed runners a very long-lasting and a lot more contact with the midsole.

Without interfering with the neutral stride, the dual arch pods are present at the midfoot, which are designed to provide stability.

The soft feel is present in the Shoe that adapts to different types of feet. For accommodating orthotics patients, different injured runners and injury-prone runners have found these running shoes for flat feet very relaxing and with enough space.

These shoes are suitable for running plantar fasciitis and flat feet patients. Many customers have given positive reviews and praise the product because of its smooth Transition and traction, and they also state that this project lasts long for on the best trail running shoes for flat feet and the roads.

  • Soft cushion
  • Best for plantar fasciitis
  • Forefoot wide
  • Might give the bulky feel

Why Should I Buy This Shoe?

These are one of the best shoes for the runners who like responsive Run. People looking for stability. Flat-footed give positive reviews for these running shoes for flat feet, and these shoes are worth buying.

4. New Balance Men’s Made in Us 990 V4 Sneaker

New Balance Mens Sneaker

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New Balance is one of the well respected and most prominent friends when it comes to running Shoe. You just think of the foot condition, and they already have top-notch shoes for every type of niche.

These running shoes for flat feet 860V9 are from 800 series that are well known for their Cushioning.  The 800 series is best for flat feet and overpronation and is best running shoes for flat feet and bunions. The 860 model is the best stability model.

These shoes have many essential features. New balance has used Trufuse Technology, which gives two different layers of foam with different density.

Without affecting the responsiveness, the dual-density gives you cushioning of the two layers of the thick foam sole to the midsole.

For correcting the overpronation and providing stability, a firm cushion is supplied to the medial post. But surprisingly, this shoe is very stable. This shoe is an ideal shoe for flat-footed runners.

Thus many people suggest it to be the first running shoes for flat feet.

There are many other reasons that these shoes hold the top positions, and that are price, Cushioning, comfort, and durability. Keep the feet secure and fresh, and the upper mesh is made breathable.

The whole 800 line-up has the cushioning that is second to none and this is one of the major design features.

  • Offset to medial post pronation
  • Combination of responsiveness and cushion
  • For neutral runners might be overbuilt.

Why Should I Buy This Shoe?

If you accustomed runner and are looking for more stability then you will find the 860 more stables than 880. Thus your preference will be 860.

For an offset to medial post overpopulation, the Shoe is given with lots of support and cushioning in the midsole with the addition of dual-density.

5. Mizuno Men’s Wave Horizon 3 Running Shoe

Mizuno Mens Running Shoe

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These running shoes for flat feet have been very favorable for the people suffering from flat feet. These shoes are no exception because they have incredible cushioning under the wave moniker.

You will find the cushioning of the running shoes for flat feet more responsive than the other predecessors.  U4iC boards added for additional support to the midfoot.

For covering the areas of overpronation, different foams with different densities added to the toe and heel, and extra cushioning will provide.

The Faster pace encouraged by this cushioning, and this cushioning has made the heel-to-toe Transition very incredible and smooth.

If you are looking for shoes the very first time, then these walking shoes for flat feet are a very great choice for your flat foot and will fulfill your needs.

They are available in different styles and colors. A very stylish set of laces provided that won’t make you question how to lace running shoes for flat feet?

The wave Horizon 3 is not any different from the previous versions when it comes to the midsole. The midsole and the 4 foot is lighter, U4icX, and it is a more cushioned version.

Thus the landing and takeoff the shoes are very light as compared to other running shoes.

Denser material used for responsiveness, and on the top layer, U4ic cushioning has done in the midsole. Wave horizon, when combined with the wave plate, gives a firm ride.

For adding to the durability, the bottom of the running shoes for flat feet has carbon rubber. Some people might find the carbon rubber a bit slippery. But mainly people will find it very relaxing and durable.

The wave Horizon 3 has a significant update, and they have introduced Aerohug Technology.  Aerohug creates a more comfortable and adaptable fit eliminating the space between the Shoe and the foot, and the upper completely wraps the foot.

Because it completely fits the foot, that’s why it gives effective an adaptive feel to the feet.  The upper mesh is flexible and breathable in performance when it comes to the forefoot.

For providing more support and structures to the midfoot additional hexagonal overlays added.

  • Provides great stability
  • Is very stylish
  • Proved to be lightweight
  • Durable
  • Quite breathable
  • The break-in period is a bit long
  • Might be a bit pricey for few buyers

Why Should I Buy This Shoe?

The shoes are synthetic with a rubber sole. For running shoe Technology wave has set a standard. A cushioned ride and prevention of overpronation has done with the help of fan-shaped cloud waves by providing stability.

When it comes to the Mizuno line-up, the way version 3 is one of the most stable, soft, well supported, durable, and smooth running shoes. The upper mesh is very durable and breathable with high performance.

These shoes have taken the running to the very next level. The shoes have provided a very unprecedented level of stability and comfort. If you are looking for very comfortable and highly adaptive shoes, then these are a perfect choice.


Hopefully, this article has been an Ultimate guide for you to select the best running shoes for flat feet and has been very beneficial to you. The reason for the article was to guide you and provide you a good list of the viable options available for you.

Good pair of running shoes will provide you support to adapt to your feet, shall be durable, and will be affordable. These shoes are generally a bit bulky, and that is because of the extra padding and additional features.

Though lightweight shoes look great, they do not have the necessary support for the runners with a flat foot, and they do not prevent injury from overpronation.

Always make your comfort a priority over style. A good pair of running shoes for flat feet will lessen the chance of long-term damage. You might also like best Reebok running shoes for flat feet.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are overpronation and arc support very important for flat feet, runners and shoes?

Yes, arch support and overpronation are significant for the flat features, and if the shoes are not providing excellent arch support and overpronation, then the flat feet runners might find issues with their knees.

2. How to pick a running shoe?

  • Do a complete market survey.
  • Must speak to the product managers and shoe fitters.
  • And use your own experience by trying the shoes and running in these shoes.

3. What are dual Arch pods? 

The dual arch pods designed for the midfoot to bring stability and not to interfere in the neutral stride. Thus they make the feet adaptive to the soft feel.

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