Should Babies Wear Shoes When Learning to Walk

Parents frequently ask me what the best option is for their children when they are learning to walk. shoes or barefoot? This is a topic Should Babies Wear Shoes When Learning to Walk that has often been controversial in the past. It was once suggested that new walkers should wear shoes with thick soles so that they are provided with additional support, but this is false. The new philosophy is quite the opposite; if parents can help it, a child should be barefoot as much as possible until he or she is about two years of age.

After all, walking in shoes too soon can actually limit how well the young walker develops muscle and gait later down the road! How many decisions haven’t you made correctly because someone was trying to protect you from all of life’s lessons!? Our amazing childhoods are filled with experiences that shape who we evolve into adults good and bad.

Should Babies Wear Shoes When Learning to Walk – Tips for New Walker Footwear

Should Babies Wear Shoes When Learning to Walk Children’s feet are very small and they will grow stronger as they learn to walk. Shoes that provide too much support will keep these foot muscles from strengthening properly when the child is learning to walk, which can be dangerous because the child might not have a solid base to stand on when making their way along the road of life.

  • Walking barefoot strengthens a child’s foot muscles and also improves balance skills to improve the way they walk.
  • It is important for new walkers to feel the ground beneath their feet. Carpet, hard floors, grass, etc. can all feel different to a new walker’s foot, but the main goal here is for them to have fun and work on their sensory development as well as reinforce their body awareness and improve their proprioception skills.
  • Walking barefoot is not always appropriate. In the winter, or when heading outdoors, socks with non-skid bottoms or shoes made of cloth or leather will provide the child’s feet with protection. This form of footwear is necessary when venturing outside where there are natural hazards such as broken glass, sharp rocks, and other potential dangers that could otherwise cause bodily harm.
  • When choosing a pair of shoes for your child, you want to make sure you go with the most suitable options available. For toddlers, it’s usually best to choose ones that are comfortable, flat, and made of cloth or leather to allow optimal comfort and airflow. It’s also important to select shoes that aren’t too rigid because finding footwear that will stay firmly attached during impressions is essential for preventing accidents like tripping.
  • I recommend shoes like the Robeez. In addition to being completely adorable, these shoes have all of the features required to optimize the development of a toddler’s foot when learning to walk. They are flexible and are designed with a padded collar that cradles the ankle and has Velcro straps for support. Shoes that tie-up, like those made by Lelli Kelly or others, can be helpful as it is also good for fine motor skills training (turning laces is not so easy).

Should Babies Wear Shoes When Learning to Walk As a parent, you want the absolute best for your child. To help foster healthy development, it’s important to understand the benefits of wearing minimalist shoes versus more traditional “thick-soled” models. When it comes to footwear, it’s best to opt for simplicity when possible, as this can aid kids in learning how to walk without having their physical capabilities restricted. Although some may consider such shoes as too risky or barefoot is always better, the facts are very straightforward: research – including a number of studies from respected universities like Harvard and Cornell – has shown that training feet in barefoot-style shoes help strengthen smaller muscles which lead to greater dexterity and balance .

How to Choose Shoes for Walkers

When people begin walking in their toddler years, for example between the ages of one to three years old, it’s important for parents to consider things like comfort and price when choosing child shoes. Should Babies Wear Shoes When Learning to Walk One way that parents can make sure their kids’ feet are protected from dangerous footwear is by making sure they are inspected every six months so that holes can be patched up (if they happen to see any) soon enough before they get too big.

  • Comfort
  • The best shoes for babies are those that are not too tight, not too loose, and not so big that your baby can take them off.
  • Your child’s footwear should offer some room in the toes, heel, and sides while still fitting snugly enough to stay on his feet.
  • In addition, ensure that your baby’s shoes have sturdy soles that won’t allow him to slip or fall easily.

Save that pair of classic hard-soled baby shoes just for bronzing. Your toddler will likely do better in more flexible, soft-soled shoes even at this age. In addition, many brands of shoes for kids are made of very soft leather, which has the benefit of being comfortable and washable.

A Word From Verywell

In this blog we will go over some different factors to take into consideration Should Babies Wear Shoes When Learning to Walk when deciding whether or not your baby should wear shoes when learning to walk. We will also present some research findings and recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics that can help you make an informed decision.

When babies are learning to walk, they are not ready for shoes. Shoes are designed to protect you from the elements, but they will actually restrict the development of your baby’s feet. By equipping your baby with warm socks and other foot accessories, you can keep them comfortable and protected from the elements.

Our article about the benefits of learning to walk without shoes is designed to help parents make the most informed decision possible about how their baby should learn to walk. Whether your baby is a newborn or a few months old, we hope you have learned some valuable information about why it is a good idea to let babies go barefoot.

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