Top 5 Slip Resistant Shoes for Women Buy in 2021 – [Guide & Reviews]

Do you want to look presentable at your workplace? But what happens when you are equally concerned about comfort? Have you found your favorite Slip Resistant Shoes for Women?

I will show you the most shock-absorbing and slip-resistant shoes for women.

I selected the top five most reliable brands for the purpose. A long-lasting presentable pair for your best performance at your workplace would be most attractive for you. So, here it goes.

Check-in detail what’s the best feature that made them a place in my top five list. They are not only the best Slip Resistant Shoes for Women but they are also long-lasting and comfortable for the ladies especially suffering from any foot issues.

Let’s check, a quick comparison of my top five nominees.

Best Slip Resistant Shoes for Women Reviews 2021

ProductsMaterialTechnical FeaturesWeight (g)Check Price
Crocs Clock Professional MedicalRubber outsole
Croslite foam
Crocs Lock
Dual Crocs comfort
Skechers Work Women’s KincaidFaux leather
Memory Foam
Rubber outsole
Tucked toe front156
Fila Memory Workshift ShoeLeather
DLS foam
Rubber Outsoles
Perforated Exterior340
New Balance Women’s Casual Comfort Cross Trainer Dual Density Collar Foam
Rubber outsole
PU Midsole
Injection-molded EVA ABZORB heel crash pad308
Crocs Women’s Neria ShoesCroslite foam
Removable foot liner Rubber outsole
Crocs Lock
Dual Crocs comfort

1. Crocs Unisex-Adult On The Clock Clog Work Shoes

Crocs Unisex Adult Clog Work Shoes

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Crocs are known by the world because of its classic and uniquely styled slip-on shoes which are produced in a vast variety of colors.

The collections of Crocs are for all genders, ages and weather, for example, the fuzz collection, Disney featured kids collection, etc. They have offered a  free Pair for the healthcare community due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The crocs are a great choice to wear at work by surgeons, nurses, chefs, house, maids, etc. The hard-working staff deserves the best of the best, which is why crocs offer it all such as comfort, fitting, anti-slip property and style.

The platform size is measured by approximately 0.75 Inches. These crocs come in black and white colors which are a match to almost every outfit for both men and women.

The easy to clean feature is designed to make your life much less hectic. You can clean them by using just soap and water or just stand in the shower and get them squeaky clean simultaneously. They also get dry on their own and instantly.

The round the clock shoes offer ultimate comfort. The Croslite foam outer soles and inner cushioned footbeds provide double the comfort 24/7. The enclosed shoes also offer protection and fit the workplace standard.

These crocs are slip-resistant due to the Crocs Lock tread. They can also be used by housewives for working in the kitchen and preventing slippage from oil or water spill.

The slip-on work Crocs are fitted from the back and are wider from the front offering a roomy toes box. This enables a secure and relaxed fit which helps to provide your feet with support and balance.

This model is the upgraded version of crocs classic clog as it offers improved arch support to enhance comfort. They are also a good choice for people with flat feet.

  • Dual Crocs comfort
  • Slip-on
  • Crocs lock for slip resistance
  • Arch support
  • Croslite foam for cushioning
  • Easy to clean
  • Not breathable

Why Should I Buy This Shoes?

The Crocs are always a good choice for working people due to their combinations of special features in each shoe.

They include the dual Crocs comfort, easy to clean, Crocs lock for slip resistance and much more. This pair of shoes will provide you comfort with every move you make and every step you take.

2. Skechers for Work Women’s Kincaid II Slip On Slip Resistant Loafer

Skechers for Work Womens Loafer

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Skechers’ footwear consists of a wide variety of iconic designs and excellence in quality. Their fashionable and trendy shoes are based on the American lifestyle.

Skechers was founded in 1992 and is currently the third-largest footwear company in the USA.

The shoes are made in the USA and comprise synthetic soles. They have a folded toe pleat in the front and a smooth exterior made of water-resistant faux leather.

The inner sole is made up of Memory foam which provides support and stability. The loafer comes in two colors and is from the collection of Skechers slip-resistant shoes.

The Kincaid shoes have a soft pillow cushion and a soft inner lining. It has a shock-absorbing middle sole to give you a fantastic comfortable experience.

Kincaid can also serve as slip-resistant dress shoes which are a combination hard to find in the market. These stylish slip-resistant shoes will go with long dresses and gowns so tension free about tripping or slipping in these amazing shoes.

The slip-on shoes have a diagonal stitching design and a gore panel at the top which provides terrific flexibility. This along with upper elastic fabric makes it easy to wear. The outer sole is made up of nitrile and the tiny grooves provide good traction and grip.

  • Memory foam for stability
  • Stylish and comes in two colors
  • Anti-slip dress shoes
  • Tucked toe front
  • Waterproof
  • Faux Leather
  • Gore panel makes it an easy wear
  • Offers relatively less support

Why Should I Buy This Shoes?

If you want to go on a date in a fancy restaurant but your feet are too tired to wear heels then this is a pair you would want to keep in your closet. These stylish slip-on loafers are not only comfortable but also slip-resistant.

You don’t need to worry about tripping or slipping and losing your shoe like Cinderella. They will keep you steady on your feet all night and are available in two black and white which will match almost any dress or outfit.

3. Fila Men’s Memory Workshift Slip Resistant Work Shoe

Fila Mens Memory Workshift Work Shoe

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Fila was founded in Italy but is now a South Korean Corporation. It came into business 109 years ago. Since then it is a leading footwear brand worldwide which provides its customers with an amazing variety of sportswear and other goods.

They sponsor and are partnered with Doosan Bears which is a famous Korean basketball team. Moreover, their passion for sports has led them to produce golf, training, and running wear.

Fila work shoes are made up of 100% durable leather and synthetic overlays. These shoes have passed the test of industrial standard requirements, are rated by ASTM and are the best slip-resistant shoes for women near me.

The memory work shift shoes are available in two solid colors that are black and white. These relaxed and casual style shoes can be worn to the office or other workplaces. The sporty and athletic sneakers can also be worn to the gym.

The intelligent design includes a breathable exterior. The perforations on the shoes enable the ventilation of air which prevents sweat and discourages the growth of bacteria.

Fila shoes offer prolonged comfort by a middle sole made out of memory and DLS foam which offers a firm platform for your feet. The inside consists of a sock liner so you don’t need to pick out socks every morning.

These work shoes have ultimate traction as the solid rubber outer sole offers a superior grip. The slip-resistant property makes these shoes compatible with workplaces.

The lacing system gives a nice fitted look according to your feet. They are the best women’s non-slip restaurant shoes. Whether you wear it as a chef, waiter or a casual customer, these sneakers will give you comfort and style at every step.

  • Memory foam offers comfort
  • Durable leather
  • ASTM rated
  • Rubber some offers grip
  • Breathable exterior
  • Minute clunky sounds

Why Should I Buy This Shoes?

Fila is known to always satisfy their customers with their products. They are rated and tested by standard testing and ASTM so that you can put your confidence in these shoes.

Most importantly they are slip-resistant therefore they are a perfect choice for all hard-working women.

4. New Balance Women’s 623 V3 Casual Comfort Cross Trainer

New Balance Womens Casual Comfort Cross TrainerClick to View Price At Amazon

New Balance is an American based sports brand, founded in 1906. Their mission is to provide their athletic customers encouragement to develop a passion for sports and a true sportsman spirit through their apparel, equipment, and shoes. 

 The new balance shoes are available in a variety of combined colors such as white and pink, white and light blue, Bungee, Burlap, and Wren or you can get a completely black colored pair as well, according to your type.

The shaft height measures approximately low-top from the arch. The laced upper front and the N marked on both sides make it look stylish and have a sporty vibe.

The dual-density Collar Foam surrounds the sides and the rear of the shoe. It keeps the feet in its place and offers absolute comfort.

EVA is used in the shoes by the process of Injection Molding. The EVA soles offer cushion and diminished hard impact. The slip Resistant AB5 Black Colorway feature offers safety from slipping at work or training.

The Internal Shank is present between the inner and outer sole provides support, functionality and minimizes the load off the heels. Moreover, the PU insert is flexible, heat resistant, durable and offers a cushion.

The cross trainers are slip-resistant shoes for both men and for women which are rated and tested by ASTM F2913-11. This provides grip and maintains balance.

The shoes consist of a large ABZORB heel crash pad which provides cushioning and keeps your heel well protected and assisted.

The New Balance 608v5 is made of 100% leather and a strong durable outer sole made up of rubber. They are cost-effective as you will not need to replace your shots now and then.

  • Slip-resistant
  • Durable rubber outer sole
  • Internal shank
  • Double density foamed collar
  • Injection-molded EVA
  • PU Insert
  • ABZORB heel pad
  • Size problem

Why Should I Buy This Shoes?

Just like the name of the brand, buying these pairs of shoes will bring a new balance to your life. The anti-slip feature will not let you down and keep you straight up at all times and all places.

They are comfort conscious due to its heel pad, cushioning, internal shank and much more.

5. Crocs Women’s Neria Pro II Embellished Clog Work Shoe

Crocs Womens Neria Pro Clog Work Shoe

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Crocs have done a brilliant job in introducing the world to work shoes with remarkable comfort, wonderful colors, and uniquely styled shoes. They have made the lives of their hardworking customers easy and have not let them down.

Crocs admire the health care workers and have engineered these shoes according to the requirements of working nurses, working day and night shifts.

The crocs Neria Pro are rated by ASTM F2913-11, CE certified and tested for their compatibility to provide comfort and meet work standards.

They consist of a spacious toe box inside an enclosed body and thick constructed toe region which offers mobility, complete protection, and ample comfort

No need to worry about cleaning your shoes or getting them dirty as they are easy to clean with just soap and water. So that you can focus on your work.

The outer sole has slip-resistant properties as it is made up of durable rubber. Therefore, you do not need to worry about a slippery marble floor or any spillage.

This crocs latest model is regarded as the best slip-resistant shoes for women in 2021 as they are assisting the nurses and other workers during this hard time of the coronavirus pandemic.

The slip-on shoes have extra space in the back of the heel, making it easy and quick to take it on and off. The dual crocs comfort feature with the help of the Croslite foam sole provides cushioning and relaxed feet.

It provides arch support for people with flat feet problems and will relieve them from foot pain and bad posture.

The new Crocs Neria Pro is made of 100% man-made materials and is available in 12 different colors. It has a removable foot liner that draws out moisture.

  • ASTM rated and CE certified
  • Croslite foam offers dual comfort
  • Anti-slip rubber soles
  • Removable foot liner
  • The spacious and thick toe box
  • Easy to clean
  • Not an efficient foot liner

Why Should I Buy This Shoes?

If you are contributing your efforts to the world in these awful times then you are a hero. These pairs of shoes will be your best weapon for comfort, support, and enhanced energy as you help people.

You can focus more on your work by running down slippery halls and wards tension free with the help of these anti-slip shoes.


Since W.H.O declared Coronavirus as a global pandemic, we collect information to make a list of the five-best slip-resistant shoes for women from our health care professionals.

So, that you can have you’re the Best Slip Resistant Shoes for Women at your doorstep.

Our heroes deserve the best support and comfort as they run along the halls from patient to patient. Therefore, they need shoes with good grip, cushioned soles, and comfortable footbed so that their precious feet are looked after the best.

One of the best out of the list is on the clock slip-on shoes by crocs. This model has the most reviews and recommendations by nurses, doctors, chefs, maids, and other hardworking people.

Stay safe, stay protected

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What are the Significant and Relevant Features that Should be in Slip-Resistant Shoes For Women?

The features to look for are the outsoles that should be made out of rubber which has a good grip.

The anti-slip shoes should have a good tread pattern and adequate traction so that the soles have more friction on slippery surfaces.

2. What are the Best Recommended Slip-Resistant Shoes For Working Women?

Working women such as chefs, nurses, doctors, etc have given good reviews to the Crocs Neria Pro Ii Clog Work and Nursing Shoe due to the combination of dual Crocs comfort, rubber outer sole, and thick toe-box.

Another highly recommended product is the Skechers for Women Kincaid II. The Loafers are stylish and can be worn to the office or after-work dinner.

3. What kind of Shoes are Best for People Working in Hospitals?

People working in hospitals should have comfortable shoes as they have to stand on their feet all day long.

The shoes should have a durable rubber thread outer sole so that slippery floors or water spills do not trip you over.

Furthermore, they should also be easily worn slip-on shoes.

4. How Reliable are the Working Shoes in Their Comfort and Slip Resistance?

Slip-resistant boots are offered by world-famous brands such as Crocs, Fila, New Balance, and many others. Shoes that are ASTM rated, approved to meet working standards or CE certified are authentic shoes.

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