What Shoes To Wear With Green Dress

When it comes to What Shoes To Wear With Green Dress? a little color can go a long way! While black dresses can certainly be statement pieces, there are times when you might need to stand out by wearing something a bit more eye-catching. For example, if everyone at the event is wearing simple and neutral colors like black, blue or brown, your green dress may add just the right pop that will draw people’s attention to your direction for the best possible reason – you!

So you’ve found a green dress that looks stunning on you and now you’re trying to figure out what kind of shoes to wear with it. The good news is this guide will provide some fantastic options and if we had to narrow it down we couldn’t choose between navy blue pumps or chic, stylish brown low heels!

There are many different shades of green from mint to hunter, but if you want to choose What Shoes To Wear With Green Dress the perfect shoes to complement them it’s important that you consider a few things. What kind of personality do you have? Are you more calm and reserved or outgoing and talkative? Do you prefer flashy or understated heels? All of these little details will help narrow down your shoe options so it’s worth keeping in mind the following when attempting to dress appropriately for any sort of event whether casual or formal.

What color shoes to wear with green dress:

1. Forest and Hunter Green

What Shoes To Wear With Green Dress? Forest and hunter green are dark colors that aren’t as vivid as emerald, making them more elegant for formal functions. They can be almost as dark as black, lending them to an elegant appearance in a wide variety of styles, depending on the style of the dress. Shoe color choice ranges depending on the desired look.

Forest green or hunter green are dark and earthy hues that can be used in formal settings. The color is not as vivid as emerald, and instead tends to lean toward black or brown making the hue rather sophisticated on the eyes. Depending on how you style your dress, there’s a wide variety of shoe colors that would pair well with such a dress.

2. Black Shoes

An easy way to incorporate What Shoes To Wear With Green Dress without looking too flashy is by wearing several matching articles. For instance, someone who likes black and green would always have a wardrobe with more blues in dark hues and dark greens (no brightness). Having this color scheme would allow you to wear black shoes with any pair of pants, as long as they are the same color family. Also, the shoes don’t have to match all that perfectly.

If they’re just sort of the same hue of a different shade slightly down the scale, it still looks okay when worn with light or medium tones while darkness cannot be combined with lightness, unless it’s in pastel mode rather than full-on neon leg-trapping lights.

If you’re heading somewhere where there’s a dress code, but you’re not sure it’s black-tie, you may want to reconsider your selection. If the function is formal or black-tie, then consider using this color for your hosiery instead.

3. Metallic Shoes

Metallic hues look great in green. Forest and hunter tend to have warm tones that look great with gold shoes and accessories because of their earthy appeal. Gold is sunny and luxurious. It goes well with warm greens because it has an earthy appeal. As long as the style of the shoe is tasteful, gold can be worn for traditional functions such as black-tie affairs or the prom.

Silver is a little more edgy. A shade of gray that’s cool and modern, silver is associated with technology and industry. Pairing silver shoes with a dark green dress will put you in an elegant mood while giving off an air of modern sophistication.

Although metallics can be applied subtly to the surface of shoes and even stains, they are more commonly bold and loud. Expect heels that look like they’ve been sprinkled with diamonds if you decide to purchase a pair of shiny metallic shoes.

4. Ivory Shoes

For spring or summer when in a sun-lit nightclub and you’re wearing a dark green dress, try slipping on an ivory pair of pump shoes, sandals, or sling-back pumps. Ivory is more subtle than stark white.

We recommend that you go with ivory lace shoes because they’re a conservative, neutral tone that contrasts nicely to the dark green of the dress. At the same time, many brides have worn white pearls and lace together; it looks beautiful! For example: Carrie Underwood wore both at her wedding this past summer (image link).

5. Brown Shoes

What Shoes To Wear With Green Dress When you’re going casual for your upcoming brunch date with him, he won’t be able to resist a dark green dress from Sonia Rykiel. A simple pair of brown leather loafers are sure to keep you grounded and connect you with nature even though the location will be indoors. And if you’re planning to take a weekend trip with your favorite man, say Rome, I highly recommend these gladiator-style sandals that are perfect for strutting down the cobblestone streets and give any outfit a nautical twist.

Brown boots also complement dark green dresses, and dark brown would look spectacular too. However, beige, tan and even navy or grey can also suit this type of a color palette. If you’re wearing tights with a dark green dress, you might find that it’s easier to stick with monochromatic black.


You should wear comfortable shoes that you can walk in. When you have to stand for long periods of time, your feet get tired. You can wear dress shoes or sandals with a strap in the front. Sandals have an open toe and a strap that goes around your foot and ankle. You can also wear a flat, comfortable shoe with a wide heel. Be sure to wear a pair of shoes that are in good condition. You don’t want to wear flip-flops because they don’t support your foot and they don’t have a heel so they won’t protect your foot from getting stepped on.

If you are trying to find the right combination of What Shoes To Wear With Green Dress, then we hope that this blog post has helped you find some new ideas to try. We know that it’s not always easy to find the right combination of clothing to match any outfit, but we hope that we have provided some useful suggestions that can help you match your green dress.

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